17 June 2012

Work works

So, it was my long-awaited return to work last week. Are you all wondering how it went?

It was amazing!

The only thing serving to restrain my happiness at being there was the accompanying guilt at feeling happy doing something without the MissyMoos.

Sure, it wasn't perfect - it's work. And I'm sure that spending two days catching up on hundreds of pages of new regulation isn't everyone's cup of tea. But it was my cup of tea. Well, cup of coffee actually. Two of them. From a coffee machine in the lunch room. Consumed uninterrupted while still hot. Mmm.

Getting everyone ready in the morning wasn't any more stressful than usual, as we're already used to getting organised for the school run. My routine of getting myself ready first before getting started on the MissyMoos worked well. Nobody cried when I left: MissyMoo1 (5) left for the bus stop at the same time with Hubby, MissyMoo2 (2) was just looking forward to doing craft with Nonna and MissyMoo3 (8 months) is easy-going and not quite old enough to be super clingy as long as she's with someone she knows well. MissyMoo3 hasn't been left alone with Nonna much yet, but she didn't get upset and I'm sure having MissyMoo2 playing with her helped her immensely.

MissyMoo3 didn't pine or whinge. But she did have her protest: no bottles. She just flat out refused her formula. She drank water from a sippy cup and ate her solids without a problem. But no bottles. Nonna even tried to sneak in some formula from a sippy cup, but MissyMoo3 wouldn't be tricked. When Hubby got home, he gave it a go too, to no avail. Then when I got home, I tried giving her the formula and she basically inhaled the stuff. Even from a bottle, milk must be mummy's domain. She used to drink bottles from other people, but since going back to work she refuses, even if I'm in the room. But if that's all she does, I'm pretty lucky!

So, back to the office. I've mentioned the coffee. It was also very social, being my first time back there in 9 months aside from a couple of short visits. When it wasn't social, it was quiet. I could concentrate on what I was doing and the only interruptions were the soft buzzing of telephones ringing, as opposed to whinging or arguing little ones. I could write without having the pen snatched out of my hand. I could go to the toilet by myself. I had a lunch break.

As I mentioned above, I know work is work and it won't be awesome all the time. The shimmer will fade as tiredness sets in (it was tiring) and various deadlines approach. I find when a full-time mum, I'm really good at it because I'm always in that mindset, and it was the same with work-mode when I worked full-time. Working part-time means there needs to be a bit of a switch in mindset. After working two days in a row, I found that the next day I was a little rusty at planning kiddy things a few steps ahead so that things would run smoothly. But it's all a matter of remembering that working and parenting take effort and organisation, each in their own way.

I think one of the great things about working part-time when you have a young family is the "best of both worlds" experience. I know and accept that I do miss out on things in both spheres - it's inevitable as I'm not there all of the time. But then, when I go to work it's refreshing. I find that I'm very motivated while I'm there, and because I know I'm only there for a limited time, I'm also very productive, perhaps more so than I would otherwise be. Equally, when I am back home with the kids, I appreciate being with them more and I want to do more with them.

I'm happy to have had a good experience of returning to work, to a job I enjoy. But by far the best part of my day was being on the receiving end of excited cuddles from my beautiful family when I got home.


  1. I am so glad it started off great! It's great that you are able to work part time and fit in that bit of time to be you and do the things that you like to do. Xx

    1. Thanks Michelle, I am very lucky and it was such a relief that it went well. I hope it does this week too. And thanks for re-tweeting :-)

  2. How lovely! I'm thrilled it worked well for you. I waited 5 years before I got a part time job.

    Can definitely relate to work mode / mama mode.


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