06 June 2012


When I first started this blog waaaaay back in December 2009, I said that I was doing it as a creative outlet, to practise my writing. Since then it has morphed into mainly a mummy blog, which I guess is understandable, as I am a mum and it is a huge part of my life (and the MissyMoos just provide me with so much material!).

What I didn't tell you way back then is that there was an additional motivation for starting this blog, lurking in the background...

I had started ... um ... attempted to write a novel.

It began in November 2009. MissyMoo2 (2) was 5 months old and MissyMoo1 (5) was just shy of 3. Its commencement was nothing short of inspired. I still remember when the concept came to me. I was in the shower and ideas just came flooding into my mind. I was so excited that when I got out, I grabbed a pad of paper and wrote it all down while I was still in my towel. I didn't want to forget anything, because I've had the experience in writing songs where I've come up with something wonderful (or so I thought), not written it down and then completely forgotten it. That's devastating. And you just can't get it back.

I was truly inspired and highly motivated, but with two very little kiddies, finding the opportunity to sit and work at such a long body of writing was difficult. I would stay up late at night and write. In winter. With cold fingers.

By September 2010, I had 60,000 words. But I started working part time and my story was a bit bogged down. I didn't really know where I wanted it to go. Time passed, life got busier, another Missy Moo came along. I no longer knew my characters intimately; we'd drifted apart.

Recently, I started thinking about the story again. I realised that it had always been there in the back of my mind, waiting for an opportunity to grab my attention again. To be honest, the timing is crap. I'm about to go back to work. I have a thousand half-finished things that I enjoy doing. The novel is the biggest unfinished thing I have lingering, though, and it's bugging me a bit. But it's not only the bugging me that's making me think about it again. I also want to finish it. I've tried getting back into writing it, but it's hard. I'm having to refamiliarise myself with what I've done. And any attempts to change the story result in going back over everything to work out if I've missed something, as well as getting rid of some of the writing that I'm really happy with but which doesn't fit into the story any more.

When I started looking into novel writing in late 2009, I read about somebody who had taken five years to write their first novel. At the time, I thought to myself: that's a ridiculous amount of time to take! Well, I'm now halfway there. And bloody hell, if I'm still talking about this in another two and a half years time I'm going to have bruised shins from kicking myself!

So now I know there's nothing for it, I need to just get on with it. I'd love it to be published one day, but I don't have any expectations of that happening. Even if nothing comes of it though, I have to complete it ... for me. It needs to be finished!

So stop blogging about it, Francesca, and open that Word document!!!


  1. Wow! Go you! That's an awesome thing to be doing... Good luck with it as you forge ahead :)

    1. Thanks MsMandie. I think I must be insane...

  2. You can do it!!! You sound passionate about it. I can't wait to have a read of it one day!


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