20 July 2012

Bloggy goals

I used to be a real goal-setter. In year 12 I even had the UAI I wanted to get written up on a piece of paper and stuck up onto my wall above my study desk. Following on from goal-making burnout during my uni years, that direction began to slip. I had bursts of motivation which got me through, but my drive was nothing like it had been as a teenager.

In recent years, coinciding with becoming a mother for the first time, all goal-setting was abandoned. I took leaving work to be a stay-at-home-mum as an opportunity to, for the first time in my adult life, take my foot off the accelerator. I wanted to try out "going with the flow", floating along life's current, letting it take me where it would, seeing what would happen.

The thing is, I've found that when I do that, I drift.

It was a good thing to do for a while. It was something I needed to try.

I've always been a list-writer, a planner, an organiser (well, most of the time. If you saw my filing cabinet at home, you wouldn't believe me but that's a work in progress, promise). I work best when I have something to work towards. My time for drifting was mind-numbingly good while it lasted, but now the time has come to plan, to think ahead, to try to picture things. I can't achieve a goal if it doesn't exist.

I'm applying this to a few facets of life right now, including blogging.

So, as far as blogging is concerned, here goes:

A year ago, I had just announced my excitement at having had 1000 pageviews on my blog. As at today, I have in excess of 13,000 pageviews. It's been a big 12 months! Thanks to all the lovely readers, old and new, who have been following my blog and encouraging my writing. From this springboard, let me just say that I had initially hoped to have had 15,000 all time pageviews by the end of the year. But given that there are still 5 months to go before the year is out, I'm going to aim a little higher. My goal is to have had 20,000 all time pageviews by the end of this calendar year. This will mean writing more posts and finding more readers. I hope it works out :-)

Facebook Fans
My blog has a Facebook fan page - check it out and "like" it if you haven't already. It's called "Francesca Writes Here" (Really? You don't say!). I currently have 72 people liking my page and 21 pages as fans, bringing my total fans to 93 (although Facebook doesn't count the pages in the "like" count). I'd love to have 120 fans in total by year-end.

A new milestone which I'm hoping to achieve this year is to have my first ad placed on my blog. (YES NUFFNANG, THIS IS DIRECTED AT YOU!!) I had wrestled with the ad versus ad-free dilemma. I had wondered whether there was a moral issue there, but ultimately decided that there is nothing wrong with attempting to make a meagre supplementary income from doing something I enjoy. I'm still not sure how I feel about writing sponsored posts - my eyes tend to glaze over when I read other people's. That's irrelevant at this stage, though, as I have never been approached to write one.

I will be steering away from hosting themes. It is now the 20th July and with only one other person having joined in on "I Spy in July" thus far (thanks Schez), I'll chalk that one up to experience. I'd prefer to write about what comes naturally at any particular time. It has been a good thing to try (particularly for keeping up with adding photos to blog posts) and I'll keep it up for the month, but I won't be one of those regular theme bloggers, except for joining in on Thankful Thursday (hosted by Kate Says Stuff).

So there you go, a few goals to keep my blogging going over the course of the year. I'll have to remember to do a de-brief post in December!


  1. I love reading about people's blogging journey. You've obviously come a long way in a year. I'm feeling bad now for not spying more in July though, but it just hasn't worked out! I guess because, similarly, I tend to write about whatever is on my mind rather than working to a theme - even though I always enjoy reading other people's Thankful Thursdays etc. Best of luck with your goals. I've been considering the Nuffnang thing too so I'll be interested to see how you go if you head down that path.

    1. Don't feel bad Lara!

      I joined Nuffnang a few weeks ago and I have the code on my blog in readiness for an ad, but I think you have to have a certain number of unique pageviews, before then an ad is sourced for the blog. We'll see :-)

  2. I really like this post...and I like your goals.
    I too would love for more people to visit...and to comment on my blog...my ultimate goal is for it to become a sort of online mother's group. I would love for it to be a resource that new moms can turn to for advice or to share a story or just as a distraction!
    Unfortunately as I work part time, study part time and mother full time, beside writing the posts I don't have much time to devote to my blog or to thinking about how to attract more readers!
    So if you hit on any genius ideas about how to reach your goals, please share!

    1. Thanks.

      I love your idea about being an online mother's group. It would be wonderful to build a community like that. I for one love reading your blog.

      Study too! How do you fit it all in? As for genius ideas, all I'm doing at the moment is commenting on posts I like and following Facebook and Twitter pages of blogs I enjoy reading.

  3. HI Francesca!

    I will hold my hands up now, I thought I was going to do more I-Spy posts as I thought it was a cool theme. =) But I have been a bad blogger this month - a lot has happened! But I guess the thing with blogging is, you never know what will fly and what will nose dive. I have been trying to do a "Wishing on Wednesday" weekly meme, but have decided to let that one go as I have had no response. But that's cool; this one just didn't work for whatever reason.

    Lots of luck and best wishes to your blog (and bloggy goals) - I certainly enjoy it! =)

    1. Don't worry about it, thanks for doing one! I've seen your "Wishing on a Wednesday" posts, but with my work week normally being Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but Wednesday night, I'm not much in the mood for blogging.

      Thanks for reading :-)

  4. They all sound like good achievable goals. I'll certainly be adding to your page views as I love reading your blog. Good luck :-)

  5. Hey Francesca, have you been linking up with Jess from Diary of a SAHM for IBOT (I blog on Tuesdays), if not make sure you do!! Dont worry about pageviews seriously, just comment and read other blogs and get involved in link ups and meet people. send me a message on facebook if you like and I can introduce you to some people for you other goals if it helps. Are you in Sydney?

    1. Hi Gemma, I haven't but I've seen her blog. I work on Tuesdays so I find it difficult to do bloggy stuff that day - any Tuesday posts are usually scheduled in advance. I do link ups on Thursday at Kate Says Stuff and Fridays with Twinkle in the Eye and With Some Grace. Thanks :-)


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