29 July 2012

C-a-a-r, C-a-a-a-a-r! MissyMoo1's library book

Tomorrow is Monday.

I anticipate that the morning's preparation for the school run will be tinged with sadness.

You see, Monday is library day for MissyMoo1's (5) class at school. Last week she borrowed this book

C-a-a-r C-a-a-a-a-r written by Geoff Havel and illustrated by Peter Kendall

... which means that tomorrow she will have to return it :-(

Hubby read it to the MissyMoos early last week and I was in stitches! It's a story about a car accident, which doesn't sound all that funny, but in each part of the story there is an animal noise inserted which adds to the comedic effect. The kidlets found it amusing because of the animal noises, and Hubby and I found it amusing because of what the animal noises were really saying (a couple of them went over the MissyMoos' heads).

I'm sure MissyMoo1 will be re-borrowing this one before the year is out!


  1. This post moves me, makes me smile and have a little tear of joy.

    Years of being a librarian, with many of those specialising as a Children's Librarian, showed me that all you need is the hook....the book that will get them on the road to reading.

    The best children's books are the ones that make both adults and children smile, the books that create the bond! Sounds like you've found one of those! Let's hope that tomorrow will bring another beautiful book into your lives.

    1. This was definitely one of those books - one the whole family could enjoy :-)

  2. That is so cute & funny! My little ones each adored me reading The Three Little Pigs & The Three Bears as toddlers. We had them as large board books with the soft toys to match. I read them to each child complete with noises & voices. They often got nanny to read it too but said that Aunty Sharon's voices were better. LOL It's such a special memory. :)
    Today a 6yo little girl waiting for her piano lesson came out of the bathroom & said, 'I said PLEASE but the tap won't turn on!' LOL I taught the 2 little sisters that of course the tap won't turn on if you don't ask it nicely! The first time I demonstrated it the little girl said, 'please tap turn on' while I quickly turned it on. She looked at the tap with amazement as she washed her hands then said, 'thank you tap' as she turned it off. Every Wednesday after school I hear 'please tap' & 'thank you tap'. I just LOVE the magic of little ones! It's such a special age. :))

    1. Just beautiful!

      We're reading a chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory each night, complete with voices and accents - lots of fun!


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