28 July 2012

I Spy in July: Italian Grammar Beckons

A few weeks ago, during one of my urges for self-improvement, I went onto ebay and ordered this:

I soon realised that before even looking at it though, I would have to go back to this:

The basic Italian grammar book is one which my parents have had for yonks. Par used to look through it and I did too. I discovered my teenage handwriting in there, having pencilled in verb conjugations. It was a nice feeling seeing it there - a link back to when I actually studied Italian.

I've managed to read through the first few chapters without coming across anything new - phew. Now to keep it up so I can make a start on my shiny new book. Time is the issue here. I don't want to put it away and let it gather dust, because I need to keep it fresh in my mind. I need to use it.

Join me for "I Spy in July". See my introductory post for an explanation. I don't have any linky widgets, so if you do join in, please leave a comment on that post to let me know and link to your post so we can all read what you spy in July!

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