20 July 2012

I Spy in July: It's Playschool!

I spy with my little eye...

We recently went to a Play School concert and brought some new friends home with us.

I love taking the MissyMoos to concerts. This was a special one, as it was the first time Hubby and I went together on a weekend. In the past it has always been either one of us who has taken the kids along to these sorts of things, so it was all five of us for the first time. MissyMoo1 (5) had been begging me to take her to a Play School concert since I chose not to go to one two weeks after MissyMoo2's (3) birth, when MissyMoo1 was only two and a half. Since then, I've kept missing them, hearing about them after they've been and gone, never getting tickets in time. This year, though, I saw the concert advertised when I took the little MissyMoos to The Wiggles concert and I bought the tickets for the five of us then and there.

This is a precious window of time in the children's lives during which they are all interested in the same kinds of (kiddy) things. With five years between my eldest and youngest children, I'm not kidding myself that this will always be the case. Having made it abundantly clear that she is too big for The Wiggles and Dora the Explorer, MissyMoo1 still enjoys Play School. MissyMoo3 (9 months) is big enough to sit up, crawl around, interact and be entertained by music and activity. MissyMoo2 (3) is smack bang in the middle and very much in the kiddy entertainment "zone".

The show went for about 45 mins - too short for MissyMoo1, but a good amount of time for little ones to be entertained without getting too restless. Jay and Abi were the presenters - both great singers and entertainers for the kids, as well as putting in a few bits and pieces to entertain the adults. And with our new friends to keep us going on the drive home, it was a very happy day indeed.

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