01 July 2012

I Spy In July: Lone Tooth

I spy with my little eye ...

A lone tooth!

Poor MissyMoo3 (9 months) is a little behind her sisters in the tooth department. For someone who has been showing signs of teething since she was 3 months old, this is all she has to show for it. For two thirds of her little life, there has been the on-again, off-again dribbling, rosy cheeks, incessant chewing, disgusting poos ... and she still has 19 of the little pegs to go - eek.

One consequence of this toothlessness has been that I've been a bit slower introducing lumpier food. MissyMoo3 doesn't have the runny stuff any more - she eats mashed food - but giving her food with soft pieces of veggies freaks me out a bit.

She still looks like a "baby baby" to me with so little happening in the dental department. A crawling, getting-up-on-her-knees "baby baby". Hubby did her hair yesterday in a little pony tail on the top of her head and she looked like pebbles from "The Flinstones", with her top knot and lone tooth. Actually, she has more hair than her sisters did at this stage. Maybe she's concentrating her growing efforts to the top of her head instead of inside her mouth.

They're all different, aren't they?

And delightful :-)

Join me for "I  Spy in July". See my introductory post for an explanation. I don't have any linky widgets, so if you do join in, please leave a comment on that post to let me know and link to your post so we can all read what you spy in July!


  1. I spy...what a good idea!
    And I love your first post...I can just picture the top knot and the single tooth!
    We have the constant rosy cheeks, chewing and terrible nappy rash over here too...at last count Baby C had eight teeth...nearly half way there!


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