05 July 2012

I Spy in July, Thankful Thursday: Tissues

Yes, I'm lazy, so I'm combining two themes today.

I spy with my little eye...

... and for this I am thankful.

After holding out through two months of cold weather, the germs hit our house a couple of days ago. MissyMoo3's (9 months) cold and cough has returned - this time she's on anti-biotics and it's helping. MissyMoo2 (3) has been lethargic and yesterday MissyMoo1 (5) complained of a sore throat and ears. Hubby had a raspy throat a couple of days ago and mine has been a little bit that way for the past day.

As far as sickness goes, though, this is nothing. We're still functioning as normal - we're not bed-ridden or miserable. We're eating well and taking our vitamins. Things are better today. As long as we all get a decent sleep tonight, I think we'll be right as rain tomorrow (touch wood).

Considering some of the flu stories I have been hearing from friends and reading on blogs, I'm thankful this Thursday that so far we've managed to avoid the worst of everything that's going around.

Join me for "I Spy in July". See my introductory post for an explanation. I don't have any linky widgets, so if you do join in, please leave a comment on that post to let me know and link to your post so we can all read what you spy in July.

Also linking up with Kate at kate says stuff for Thankful Thursday.


  1. I woke up with a sore throat today...lots of lemon tea with honey and hoping that it is just a sore throat and doesn't turn into that nasty flu! And of course that no one else in the household comes down with it too!
    Hope you all are feeling better soon!

    1. I hope you're feeling better today. Mine is progressing through the usual stages but it isn't too bad as long as I take things slowly. Thanks :-)

  2. Oh yeah. Very grateful for tissues at our place at the moment too! *sneezes*

  3. I'm sorry you aren't well in your house but glad you on your way up!
    Mega healing your way. xxXOoo


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