19 July 2012

Writing Update

I've actually been working on my novel a bit tonight instead of being distracted by blogging, facebook, twitter, ironing, washing up ... okay, so maybe writing is really a distraction from ironing and washing up, but let's not let truth and logic get in the way of a good story.

So, my plan had been to get to 60,000 words tonight. But don't you already have 60,000 words? ask those of you who read my last blog post about this epic/saga of writing my first novel. Well, yes, I did. But you will also recall that the story had become a bit bogged down and, frankly, unworkable in my un-humble opinion. I am the boss of this story after all, I shouldn't have to be humble.

So what I have been doing since getting back in touch with my fictional characters is pretty much editing. I have been going through, paragraph by paragraph, the Word document I had before, copying and pasting it into a new working version, and changing things along the way. Some of it has been tinkering, some of it has been deleting slabs of prose (very difficult to do, by the way) and adding in new stuff.

I just got to the end of the old Word document (60,498 words) and my new version is 59,940 words. As I said, I wanted to reach 60,000 before I started writing this post but there has been a slight hiccup. You see, when I reached the end of the old Word document, I had not reached the part of the story I was up to when I finished writing. The Word document was an even more unfinished version of my unfinished story. I remember now that, due to the way our house was set up at the time, typing the novel was uncomfortable and the computer was not easily accessible, so I had found it more productive to get the story and ideas flowing on paper and then type it later, when I was tired and didn't much feel like thinking about the story (i.e. when the MissyMoos were asleep and I actually had an opportunity to access the then difficult-to-access computer). So there is at least one more chapter in the notebook. And it is a crucial chapter - one with a lot of explanation, one which would be a HUGE effort to rewrite from scratch.

Now the big question: where is the notebook?

I'm 100% sure I have not thrown it out. I'm 100% sure Hubby has not thrown it out. We have rearranged the house since I was using this notebook, so it is no longer under my bed where I had kept it in the thick of my last writing phase. The bed isn't even in the same place - MissyMoo1 (5) has that bedroom now. I have a couple of ideas of where it could be, so I will be exploring those in the morning. Let's hope the fairies haven't done away with it. But for tonight, the writing window has closed, and the washing up beckons.


  1. Good on you for starting a novel! I too have been thinking of doing the same. It has always been a dream of mine since I was a child to become a published author.

  2. Writing. I wrote a 22,000 word thesis. I know the struggles of writing and the obsession with word counts. I often wonder if I have it in me to write a book. Maybe one day. In the mean time, all power to you and your book Francesca!

    1. Thanks Bree :-)

      Good news: I just found the written draft! I'm so relieved. Now to pore over it and work out what should be put in the current version.

  3. Oh no! - A notebook is something you cant back up on the USB stick!
    All the very best of luck with your work. You're living a dream of mine and have my utmost admiration.
    Love Mumabulous

  4. I would love to hear about the plot of the story Francesca.


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