31 August 2012

Hubby is a tease!

The other night, Hubby was looking up 5-star resorts in Siracusa on the internet.

I dream of going back to Sicily, this time with Hubby and the three kids. I have hatched a plan in my mind to try to get us there in three or four years' time. Hubby, being the practical one in the family, just has to bring up tiny details such as money and logistics - pfft! (Although, in my defence, my plan has us staying with relatives, thus saving on accommodation expenses)

And then, the other night, Hubby was looking up 5-star resorts in Siracusa on the internet.

Perhaps it was an attempt to make me realise how far-fetched my idea of the trip actually is. Perhaps he was dreaming too.

Perhaps he's a big, cheeky tease.

All I know is that since then, I can't stop looking at pictures of Sicily in the summer.

Just as well it's getting warmer in this part of the world and I have this view at my disposal to stop my mind from completely wandering to the other side of the world! It's wandering a bit though...

30 August 2012

Thankful Thursday: Stranded

Today is Thursday and today I am thankful.

If it wasn't for the car nearly overheating in peak city traffic on the way home from Hubby's grandmother's funeral a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn't have booked the car in for a service this morning and I wouldn't have been "stranded" car-less with the two little MissyMoos here:

If I hadn't had a reason to spend two hours on the foreshore in the sunshine, I probably would have stayed at home and done housework. And that would have been a shame.

So today I am thankful for car trouble and the tail end of winter.

Thankful Thursday

29 August 2012

Verbal Snapshot: MissyMoo2

While I’m in verbal snapshot mode, here is one for MissyMoo2 (3).

MissyMoo2, you are 3 years and 2 months old.

• You are a girly girl, always opting for skirts and tights / leggings over tracky pants. Although, lately it has become slightly easier to get you into practical pants when it’s necessary … slightly.

• You let me do your hair 50% of the time and 50% of those times, you keep it in for more than a couple of hours (for a girly girl, you’re not much into hair, just clothes).

• Your speech is pretty good. You have chats, tell stories, and sing little songs, but your pronunciation of some sounds is a work in progress. Right now “th” sounds like “s” when you say it, but we’re working on that and you’re managing the “th” sound at the beginning of words. It’s pretty tricky when that sound is at the end of the word though! You’re very proud that you can now say that you’re three with a “th” sound!

• You’re a great middle sister. You play well with MissyMoo3 (11 months) and you also enjoy one-on-one time with MissyMoo1 (5). You adapt your play to suit the older or younger sister.

• You have a sweet little voice.

• You’re so cute.

• You love to play dress-ups.

• You don’t really play with the other kids at playgroup yet. You talk about them, but when we get there, you talk to one for a few seconds, then cling to me a lot. I remember your big sister doing that at this age too. Your favourite thing about playgroup at the moment is dress-ups.

• You are good one-on-one with other kids and love a play and a chat. When there’s a crowd, though, you get shy.

• You love drawing pictures and then folding the bits of paper up into “butterflies”. If there are scissors around you cut the paper into little pieces.

• Jumping on the trampoline is your favourite thing to do outside.

• You are itching to go to pre-school next year.

• You don’t have the side guard on your bed any more, big girl.

• You love swimming lessons and you’re very brave, going into the pool without mummy or daddy. You’ve even started putting your face in the water.

27 August 2012

Verbal Snapshot: MissyMoo3

One of the things I enjoy about this blog is being able to go back and see who was doing what at any given time, particularly with the MissyMoos. It records things that I might otherwise have forgotten.

MissyMoo3 is now 11 months old. Part of me can't believe it, but at the same time, it feels like she has been a part of our family forever. This time last year, I was 34 weeks pregnant. A year on, I write to MissyMoo3  about what she's up to at this point in her life:

  • You have two teeth - in the middle at the bottom
  • You are a crawling monster. You're so fast. Sometimes you use stealth mode: I can turn around and feel you grabbing at my leg when two seconds earlier you were on the other side of the room. Sometimes you get really excited and kind of pant when you crawl - you go so fast you get air and look like you're about to take off. That's when you're a crawling flying monster.
  • You stand. So you're also a crawling standing monster. I'll be honest, baby, the crawling standing monster stage is, I think, one of the hardest. You can reach everything and pull everything because you can stand, but because you can't walk yet, I still have to carry you a lot. You're doing your best to keep mummy fit.
  • In recent days, your practise-walking has improved out of sight. Now, if Daddy or I stand you in front of us and hold your hands above your head, you will place one foot in front of the other without prompting and "walk" around the room. You still need a lot of support, but you're getting there. Baby steps :-)
  • You still usually have three bottles per day: one first thing in the morning, one mid-afternoon and one at night. The mid-afternoon one doesn't happen every day though.
  • Yesterday you started drinking cow's milk from the bottle instead of formula and you love it!
  • You also have breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Little tub tub :-)
  • This week I'll also stop steralising water for your sippy cups.
  • You love your sippy cup with a straw and you drink heaps of water through the day now that you have figured out how to use it.
  • Words you can say: "Dada", "Mamma", MissyMoo1's name (the baby version), "Nana" (nonna), "ina" (Gina is bribing MissyMoo1 and MissyMoo2 with the promise of cupcakes so they will train MissyMoo3 to say Gina - it's working!)
  • You won't lie still on the change table. Singing "Twinkle twinkle little star" used to distract you - you'd lie still and wiggle your fingers in the air. Now "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" works about 60% of the time.
  • Your hair fits into a pony tail on top of your head, Pebbles-style. I've also put it in piggy tails a couple of times.

26 August 2012

Loss of a grandparent

A couple of weeks ago, Hubby's grandmother passed away. She had been his last surviving grandparent and the only one I had had the privilege of meeting.

I met her fairly early on in my relationship with Hubby. I remember many things from that first visit: going fishing, playing checkers, her proudly showing me photos of the progress of the house she had not long finished building. Most of all, I remember her making me feel welcome.

What immediately struck me about her was that she was like no other old person I'd met before. Over time, as I learned more about her, that impression was reinforced. She was so active, with so many and varied hobbies: fishing, golf, painting, just to name a few. She took a photo of Hubby and I that day we all went fishing together and then did a painting of the photo. It wasn't quite finished, but Hubby's parents have just had it framed for us.

She had had dementia for the past few years so, in a way, we lost her a while ago. But learning of her passing was still so final.

I've experienced grief before. Three of my four grandparents are no longer with us, there was Pat, a great-uncle, as well as seeing up close my dear friend B's grief at the loss of her father a couple of years ago. Each time, though, it's different. Each life is unique and therefore each death is unique. Each person journeys through life in their own special way ... and then the people they leave behind experience their own personal journey of grief at their loss.

My grief at the passing of this special woman pales into insignificance compared to that of my husband. But I can't speak for him. For me, her passing brought to mind memories of times spent with her. It also brought back memories of others I've lost: using all my might to maintain my composure while doing a reading at my Par's requiem Mass at the age of 13, not being able to attend my Nonna or Nonno's funerals and struggling to find closure years later, the loss of an unborn child early but still so deeply felt.

For me, my faith is a source of great comfort and strength in times like these. I think that without it, I would feel desolate. With it, there is still such great sadness, but also a sense of hope.

It was hard telling the MissyMoos. MissyMoo2 (3) had no idea, but MissyMoo1 (5) did have some sense of what it all meant. We showed them photos. MissyMoo1 was sad that Hubby was sad.

We took a day off work/school to attend the funeral. The MissyMoos were angels - all three of them. It was nice that they were there - for them to see the family come together and for the family to see them, the next generation: new life.

24 August 2012

Kidspeak Gems: MissyMoo1

Tonight, MissyMoo1 (5) had a smell of Hubby's beer: "It smells like boys".

23 August 2012

Thankful Thursday: Perspective

We've had a big couple of weeks. I might blog about it if real life spares me some time.

During the past couple of weeks I have also put a bit of space between myself and technology. You might have noticed that I have been blogging less - I didn't even do Thankful Thursday last week for the first time since I started joining in. The computer doesn't get switched on every night, my smartphone is no longer an appendage. I have been spending more time focussed on one thing at a time - the MissyMoos, Hubby, work or housework - instead of being constantly distracted by my online persona.

This has been a long time coming. When I started work, I anticipated spending less time blogging, but I think I actually increased my activity, in an attempt to keep up with everything. Lately, I have still had a lot of ideas for blog posts coming to mind, but I have had no desire to actually sit down and write them.

I've realised that I need to and want to simplify things. I am never going to make a living from blogging and I have no desire to - I have a career with which I am satisfied and it's my financial contribution to our household. I don't want to have 60 new blog posts a day appearing in my Google Reader. I don't want to blog for the sake of blogging just because it's a day on which I usually join in on a theme.

So, I've un-followed a few blogs I never read anyway, but I've still kept many - the ones I want to read, the people I want to keep up with. My Facebook and Twitter profiles remain as they are and I'm happy with that. I'll blog when I feel like it, not when I feel I should. After all, this blog started out as my outlet - and that's what it still is, as well as now being a great record of our lives and memories to look back on in time. I've "met" some wonderful women through this venture and I'm hanging onto that for dear life. Some of these people I have stumbled across because I love how they write; some I knew in real life and found we have blogging in common; some I have found to have even more than blogging in common (I've even connected with someone whose family come from the same home town in Sicily as my family!) Blogging has become a part of my life, but like any part of life, it needs a Spring clean too! This is by no means the end of my blogging - just a new chapter.

I'm thankful for the perspective that can come when you step back from things. I've done this a few times in my life now and it never ceases to amaze me how great it can be just to stop being pulled by the current of life and simply bob up and down a bit and see the bigger picture.

Linking up with Kate at katesaysstuff for Thankful Thursday

19 August 2012

The tooth fairy's first visit

Remember those fairies that keep visiting my house? Well there's a new - and welcome - one to add to the list now: the tooth fairy!

In my last post, I wrote about how quickly MissyMoo1 (5) seems to be growing up, how's she's so far from being a baby any more. Here is a further example.

Her first wobbly baby tooth began its wobbling journey a couple of weeks ago. I told her she could wobble it, but not too much, fearing an early gap not being replaced by anything for a while. That fear was very obviously unfounded as, last Monday when she came home from school, MissyMoo1  discovered her big tooth already through and growing behind the wobbly baby tooth. At that discovery, I gave her free reign to wobble to her heart's content. And she did.

She wobbled while getting changed into her ballet clothes. She wobbled in the car on the way to her ballet lesson. I wouldn't be surprised if there was wobbling happening during the lesson. There was wobbling on the way home. Wobbling in the bath.

Then, MissyMoo1  sat up at the table and just before taking the first bit of her dinner, gave it one last wobble.

And out it came!

She was so excited. She decorated a little cardboard pouch and put her tooth inside. MissyMoo1  wondered how the tooth fairy would know, but was easily reassured that the tooth fairy would know about her tooth and would find her that night.

The next morning she was so excited that the tooth fairy brought her "two pieces of gold"!!

17 August 2012

Ballerina in the making

Last weekend, MissyMoo1's (5) dance school had a demonstration afternoon. This was MissyMoo1's first ever ballet concert since starting lessons earlier this year.

In the few weeks leading up to the day of the concert, MissyMoo1 had begun to express some doubts about these ballet lessons: "It's boooooring" and "we just do the same steps over and over - I want to learn something new" were the complaints I would hear when she was in one of those moods. Other times, she would tell me that she really enjoyed it. Still, I began wondering how long she would want to keep it up.

When MissyMoo1 first started ballet lessons and I went to buy her uniform, I was told that tights were optional and she could wear socks if she wanted. Seeing as her shoes still had a bit of room in them, I decided to go with socks, fearing her shoes would fall off mid-pirouette if she wore the thinny thin tights (Kinder ballet doing pirouettes - what was I thinking?!).

Cue the note home a couple of weeks prior to the concert, specifying that the performance uniform would be leotard, skirt, tights and ballet slippers. That's aaages away, thought I, I'll get them later. I should not have let that thought stick. I should have listened to the little voice in my mind telling me that working mothers of three children do not remember to get things later. That such tasks need to be written down somewhere, diarised, organised well in advance...

So ... two days before the ballet concert, after my work week was over, I was suddenly on a mission. Squeezed in around medical appointments, grocery shopping, activites, were visits to no less than five different shops, dragging MissyMoo2 (3) and MissyMoo3 (10 months) with me while MissyMoo1 was at school, in an attempt to locate said tights. The only ones I could find were size 11-14. She might be tall but she's not that tall. I didn't quite go home empty handed. I bought a few "last resort" tights which weren't regulation but "would have to do", with the consequence that next winter's supply of tights is already in the bag (or, rather, the wardrobe).

On the Friday afternoon (with the concert scheduled for 12:30pm Saturday), I resigned myself to the fact that "would have to do" in fact would not do. So thanks to Facebook and some helpful fellow ballet mums, a few spare pairs of ballet tights made their way to the performance hall on Saturday and the crisis was averted. Thanks mums, you know who you are!!

After all the running around, on the Friday afternoon MissyMoo1 confided to me that she thought she might get stage fright. I told her that it was perfectly normal to feel nervous about performing, but that it is meant to be fun. I told her that the people would be there watching because they liked to watch dancing and to support the kids, so she didn't need to worry about what everyone was thinking. I told her to try to enjoy the dancing and to think about the fun in it.

The big day arrived and, my, was she magnificent!!!!

There were only four children from her class performing on stage together. MissyMoo1 looked like a complete natural. Her tall, slender frame and perfect posture, her composure and her obvious enjoyment of what she was doing brought a tear to my eye. I was positively beaming. So was she - I could see her dimples about six rows back. My thoughts instantly switched from "she won't last the year - phew one less activity to run her to" to "she's amazing, she'll do grades soon and I'm happy to taxi her to ballet forever". What can I say, I was caught up in the excitement - luckily I didn't say it out loud!

But in all seriousness, she is really enjoying it at the moment, and more so since the concert. She is proud of herself for not having had an inkling of stage-fright and for enjoying performing. After having proved themselves at the demonstration, her group is now learning new things in their lessons. It's no longer "boooooring".

Hubby and I were so proud of her. Seeing her up there made us realise (again) how quickly she is growing up - she is no longer a baby, but a young girl. We've been so firmly entrenched in baby phase for all this time that it's easy to lose sight of this with our eldest daughter - but she reminds us, by astounding us over and over again.


14 August 2012

Liebster #4

A few weeks ago I received a Liebster blog award from Chrissie.

Firstly Chrissie, sorry it has taken me so long to play! I'm so happy that you thought of me when passing on this award - thank so much :-)

The rules for the Liebster Award are as follows:
  1. Each person must post 11 facts about themselves.
  2. Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you and give 11 questions for the person you tag.
  3. Choose 11 people and link them to your post (they must have 200 followers or less)
  4. Tell them you have tagged them.
  5. Remember, no tag backs.
11 random pieces of information about me
  1. My first regular job was babysitting two naughty boys after school a couple of afternoons per week.
  2. I have superior list-making skills.
  3. I love walking through autumn leaves on the ground.
  4. Black bean sauce gives me headaches.
  5. I'm very ticklish.
  6. When I put my head under water, I always come up looking like a drowned rat.
  7. I've given birth "naturally" three times and each were completely different experiences.
  8. I love lying around on the grass in the backyard on a sunny day watching the MissyMoos run around.
  9. I am seriously hanging out for Spring - more than ever before as far as I can remember.
  10. I have pointy elbows and always bump them into things, including my husband, poor Hubby.
  11. I love coffee, but rarely drink tea.

11 questions from Chrissie
1. What is your all-time favourite movie?
Cinema Paradiso - it has been since the first time I watched it.

2. Did you finish high school?

3. What was your first job?
Oops, I said that in my facts above without reading ahead to these questions. Well there was the babysitting, but after that I worked on weekends at Big W in the toy section.

4. Are you a bit of a hoarder, or do you get rid of everything?
Hoarder, attempting to change my ways.

5. How many children do you have?

6. Do you have a hobby that you pursue?
Guitar, blogging, writing, readying. Yes, I have too many of them for a working mum of three, so they don't get all the time or attention I'd like to give them (the hobbies that is, not the kids).

7. How old were you when you got your first mobile phone?

8. How often do you see your friends?
My local friends - at least weekly, either at school or playgroup. My other friends - usually when there's a special occasion like a birthday.

9. What 3 words would you use to describe you?
Loving, hard-working, silly.

10. Coke or Pepsi?

11. What is your favourite piece of clothing you own?
My leather jacket which I bought in Florence in 2005. I still wear it a lot.


I'm going to be a rebel and not pass this on, just because my would-be recipients haven't changed since last time. Thanks for the Liebster award, Chrissie!

13 August 2012

The Full Montezuma - Peter Moore

I just finished reading The Full Montezuma by Peter Moore.

Hubby has owned this copy as long as I have known him and it has always sat on our bookshelf, loud and bright. But for whatever reason, I had not read it until now.

It was a great change of pace after reading Vinegar Hill. I liked reading about this carefree life that some people can live, not booking every hotel in advance, going with the flow. It's not something I think I would have been able to do pre MissyMoos and is definitely something I wouldn't/couldn't do now. In fact, as I was reading the book I kept thinking about how I had no desire to do what they were doing with my mind permanently in mummy mode. Having said that, it was a bit of escapism for me to read this.

It was written light-heartedly and I enjoyed the easy-to-read writing style. I was able to read it fairly quickly, which is just as well because I have to get a move on with the next book for Old Ducks Book Club - I cannot read more than one book at a time!

Book: Paperback. I own it (actually, it's Hubby's).
Rating: I gave this 3 stars on Goodreads.
One-liner: I enjoyed this light-hearted, easy-to-read book about a couple's travels.

12 August 2012

Vinegar Hill - A. Manette Ansay

A few friends of mine formed a book club a while back, called the Old Ducks Book Club, and they recently asked me if I would like to go along. For my first book club gathering, this is the book we were reading.

By the time I had gotten around to thinking about obtaining a copy of the book, the local library only had available copies on audio tape, which was no good for me, as I constantly had kids in the house and would not have been able to concentrate (or censor, if required). I ended up ordering a cheap, second hand copy from eBay. It arrived the day before our scheduled meeting, so, the night before, I read it from cover to cover.

I have since read snippets of reviews commenting about it being well-written etc. To be completely honest, I read it so quickly that I was not really concentrating too much on the way the author used language etc. It was un-put-down-able, in the sense that I needed to not put it down to finish it in time for book club, as well as in the sense that I was eager to know what happened next, but also dreading it. The story was intriguing in a seeing-a-bus-crash-and-not-being-able-to-turn-away kind of way.

The only positive I could really get out of it is that I appreciated what a great husband I have all the more. As I mentioned on my "Books" page, it was the opposite of uplifting. Personally, I did not feel that I gained anything from reading this book.

The morning of our scheduled book club meeting, I checked my email to find that the gathering had been postponed a week as one of the Old Ducks was unable to make it. I (very briefly) thought about reading the book again, more slowly, before we met to try to find something new to appreciate in it, but I could not bring myself to do it.

Book: Paperback. I own it (unfortunately) - bought it 2nd hand from eBay.
Rating: I gave it 2 stars on Goodreads.
One-liner: The opposite of uplifting. But un-put-down-able. I read it in a night, as I just had to know how it ended.

09 August 2012

Thankful Thursday: A little list

I'm feeling a bit lazy as I sit down to write this post. It's Wednesday night and I've been reading legislation and writing/editing policies all day at work. Suffice it to say, being "creative" with my writing is not quite on the radar at this point. So, for this week's Thankful Thursday post, I'm relying on my superior list-making skills!

This Thursday I am thankful for the following things:

  • good hip news;
  • still feeling refreshed from our glorious weekend away;
  • the work week being productive, and now over;
  • being (mostly) organised for the busy weekend ahead (for a change);
  • the MissyMoos going to bed early and with a minimum of fuss on a Wednesday night when their mum is tired;
  • a pile of books just waiting to be read;
  • snuggles on cold winter nights.

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07 August 2012

Sunny weekend away

A few weeks ago when we had our good news about MissyMoo2 (3), we decided to celebrate by booking a family weekend away. Just the five of us, no stressing, some time away to enjoy each other's company. Last weekend, the time had come!

We figured we could have gone away for two nights, stayed in a mediocre room in which the five of us would be tripping over one another, or we could stay for one night and splash out.

Splash out, we did.

This was the view from our hotel room:

The hotel was fantastic. There was heaps of room for everyone, a gorgeous view, we got early check-in and late check-out. Hey, even the bathroom scales were flattering!

It was a glorious, warm winter's day - it really didn't feel like winter at all. We hung out at the beach. MissyMoo3 (10 months) ate some sand, as you do.

Hubby found me a (sort of) heart-shaped shell.

We built sandcastles.

Then back to the room for a rest and a complimentary bottle of bubbly, thank you very much!

Dinner was a bit of a let-down - well, the service was anyway. Just as well the kids were given a colouring in pack - we were there for long enough. But the food was delicious and it was nice to eat out.

The next morning greeted us with a glorious sunrise.

After breakfast, it was back to the beach. MissyMoo1 (5) wrote everyone's names on the sand, except mine, as she didn't know how to spell it. So I told her each letter and she wrote my name in the sand too :-)

It was a beautiful weekend.

06 August 2012

Let's close this hip chapter, shall we?

Yeah, I know I've been banging on about hips lately, the last post about MissyMoo2 (3) thankfully being good news.

Last week, it was MissyMoo3's (10 months) turn. Those of you who have followed my blog for a little while will know that she was in a pavlik harness as a newborn. (If you want to recap, this is how it looked (a bit), or you can click on "harness" in my Topics section on the right hand side of the blog to see other posts on the subject.) This most recent appointment was a follow-up check to make sure things were still fine.

Thankfully they were :-)

The x-ray looked fine and her physical examination was also positive. That was that then, or so I thought. The specialist then said he would see MissyMoo3 again in a year. I was confused. "How long do you follow them up?", I asked. It turns out the protocol has changed and now they want to keep seeing her until she's two. I accepted his response, took the x-ray form for next time, made an appointment for this time next year and left.

Then I thought about it.

Protocol is a funny thing. Protocol for MissyMoo1 (5) was no follow-up at all. She was out of her pavlik harness after 5 weeks, at the age of 6 1/2 weeks, and from that point on was no longer the specialist's patient. An amended protocol failed MissyMoo2 (3). If their protocol had been at all practical, she would have had an appointment as a baby, been put in a pavlik harness and not had the threat of surgery haunting us all for most of her young life. And now a further amended protocol dictates that MissyMoo3, whose pavlik harness came off at the age of 17 weeks, needs to keep going back until she's 2 years old?

MissyMoo3 is fine, the specialist himself said so. Her x-ray looks just about perfect. I'm no orthopaedic surgeon, but I've seen a few of these things now. I know what looks good and what doesn't. The key question in my mind is: who gets what from us going back in a year? Doctor's gain: research. Our gain: zilch.

We have learned many lessons in what we have experienced with MissyMoo2 over the past couple of years, one of which is to question, question, question and not take things at face value. MissyMoo3's hips are not going to go from perfect now, to so bad that they will need a surgical fix in twelve months' time. And at this mobile baby/toddler age, with the particular issue that has been fixed in MissyMoo3's case, surgery is the only intervention available (as we have been told numerous times with MissyMoo2's consultations). So why would I go back, put MissyMoo3 through another x-ray, drag MissyMoo2 along, wait at a hospital for an hour past the appointment time and pay for the privilege of parking while waiting around all day?

I haven't cancelled the appointment at this stage, but I doubt we'll be going.

As far as we're concerned, this hip chapter is closed. Happy ever after :-)

03 August 2012

Surprise gift

On Wednesday night when I got home from work, MissyMoo1 (5) proudly told me that she had made me some earrings at school that day. I smiled and thanked her, thinking it would be made of paper, that I would drape it over my ears and it would be ripped apart my MissyMoo3 (10 months) the instant she got within reach of it.

Much to my amazement and delight, MissyMoo1 presented me with these:

I couldn't believe it at first.

I turns out that there was an adult helper at school doing jewellery making with the kids at lunch time. MissyMoo1 went along with some of the year 6 girls - her buddy and her buddy's friends - and MissyMoo1 made these for me (with a little help from her big friends).

I've been wearing them ever since. MissyMoo1 is proud as punch. And so am I :-)

02 August 2012

Thankful for snotty noses and associated small blessings

I had a different thankful Thursday post in mind, but with Blogger having some kind of gremlin not letting me upload photos, I've had to come up with something else.

Today, here's a thankful post about the little things.

We had a crazy 15 minutes at one point in the afternoon. MissyMoo3 (10 months) was playing in a corner of the lounge room and I, with my blocked nose, did not smell what was going on. I saw MissyMoo2 (3) lunge towards MissyMoo3 for a cuddle from behind, wrapping her arms around MissyMoo3's waist and pulling MissyMoo3 in tight. Aww, I thought, how sweet. Until MissyMoo2 pulled away, revealing a brown lump on her skirt and brown squidgy marks all up MissyMoo3's back...


At that point I was thankful for my temporarily absent sense of smell.

I'm thankful that there was just enough time to give MissyMoo3 and MissyMoo2 baths before we had to go and pick MissyMoo1 (5) up from the bus stop.

I'm thankful that MissyMoo3's back-end explosion did not occur during our outing this morning.

I'm thankful MissyMoo1 caught the bus today, otherwise it would have happened in the car while we would have been waiting in the school carpark.

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