17 August 2012

Ballerina in the making

Last weekend, MissyMoo1's (5) dance school had a demonstration afternoon. This was MissyMoo1's first ever ballet concert since starting lessons earlier this year.

In the few weeks leading up to the day of the concert, MissyMoo1 had begun to express some doubts about these ballet lessons: "It's boooooring" and "we just do the same steps over and over - I want to learn something new" were the complaints I would hear when she was in one of those moods. Other times, she would tell me that she really enjoyed it. Still, I began wondering how long she would want to keep it up.

When MissyMoo1 first started ballet lessons and I went to buy her uniform, I was told that tights were optional and she could wear socks if she wanted. Seeing as her shoes still had a bit of room in them, I decided to go with socks, fearing her shoes would fall off mid-pirouette if she wore the thinny thin tights (Kinder ballet doing pirouettes - what was I thinking?!).

Cue the note home a couple of weeks prior to the concert, specifying that the performance uniform would be leotard, skirt, tights and ballet slippers. That's aaages away, thought I, I'll get them later. I should not have let that thought stick. I should have listened to the little voice in my mind telling me that working mothers of three children do not remember to get things later. That such tasks need to be written down somewhere, diarised, organised well in advance...

So ... two days before the ballet concert, after my work week was over, I was suddenly on a mission. Squeezed in around medical appointments, grocery shopping, activites, were visits to no less than five different shops, dragging MissyMoo2 (3) and MissyMoo3 (10 months) with me while MissyMoo1 was at school, in an attempt to locate said tights. The only ones I could find were size 11-14. She might be tall but she's not that tall. I didn't quite go home empty handed. I bought a few "last resort" tights which weren't regulation but "would have to do", with the consequence that next winter's supply of tights is already in the bag (or, rather, the wardrobe).

On the Friday afternoon (with the concert scheduled for 12:30pm Saturday), I resigned myself to the fact that "would have to do" in fact would not do. So thanks to Facebook and some helpful fellow ballet mums, a few spare pairs of ballet tights made their way to the performance hall on Saturday and the crisis was averted. Thanks mums, you know who you are!!

After all the running around, on the Friday afternoon MissyMoo1 confided to me that she thought she might get stage fright. I told her that it was perfectly normal to feel nervous about performing, but that it is meant to be fun. I told her that the people would be there watching because they liked to watch dancing and to support the kids, so she didn't need to worry about what everyone was thinking. I told her to try to enjoy the dancing and to think about the fun in it.

The big day arrived and, my, was she magnificent!!!!

There were only four children from her class performing on stage together. MissyMoo1 looked like a complete natural. Her tall, slender frame and perfect posture, her composure and her obvious enjoyment of what she was doing brought a tear to my eye. I was positively beaming. So was she - I could see her dimples about six rows back. My thoughts instantly switched from "she won't last the year - phew one less activity to run her to" to "she's amazing, she'll do grades soon and I'm happy to taxi her to ballet forever". What can I say, I was caught up in the excitement - luckily I didn't say it out loud!

But in all seriousness, she is really enjoying it at the moment, and more so since the concert. She is proud of herself for not having had an inkling of stage-fright and for enjoying performing. After having proved themselves at the demonstration, her group is now learning new things in their lessons. It's no longer "boooooring".

Hubby and I were so proud of her. Seeing her up there made us realise (again) how quickly she is growing up - she is no longer a baby, but a young girl. We've been so firmly entrenched in baby phase for all this time that it's easy to lose sight of this with our eldest daughter - but she reminds us, by astounding us over and over again.



  1. Reading your beautiful memory of the ballet demonstration brought a tear to my eye. Miss E danced so gracefully, and yes I would have to say she looked like she enjoyed. It is so funny though, S was determined to 'quit' after the demo and I had actually agreed to it, but when I watched her dance, I thought Oh no, I hope she doesn't. Funny enough S wants to continue, and also start Modern, so that means more time spent at the studio. So I guess I will have the pleasure of your company for many years to come as a 'ballet mum'

    1. I'm so glad S enjoyed it after wanting to quit. We'll be ballet mums together! There are worse places to hang out - at least there's the play area while the kids are waiting :-)

  2. I'm glad Miss E had such a good experience at the ballet concert. It's a great confidence builder. She really is growing up fast!

  3. I was a little ballerina. Brings back lovely memories.


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