31 August 2012

Hubby is a tease!

The other night, Hubby was looking up 5-star resorts in Siracusa on the internet.

I dream of going back to Sicily, this time with Hubby and the three kids. I have hatched a plan in my mind to try to get us there in three or four years' time. Hubby, being the practical one in the family, just has to bring up tiny details such as money and logistics - pfft! (Although, in my defence, my plan has us staying with relatives, thus saving on accommodation expenses)

And then, the other night, Hubby was looking up 5-star resorts in Siracusa on the internet.

Perhaps it was an attempt to make me realise how far-fetched my idea of the trip actually is. Perhaps he was dreaming too.

Perhaps he's a big, cheeky tease.

All I know is that since then, I can't stop looking at pictures of Sicily in the summer.

Just as well it's getting warmer in this part of the world and I have this view at my disposal to stop my mind from completely wandering to the other side of the world! It's wandering a bit though...


  1. I loved Sicily!
    The food there was some of the best I had anywhere in Italy!

    I hope that you manage to get back there!

  2. I love to dream. Dave is always trying to bring me back down to reality but I reckon if I didn't dream of far-fetched things that we should do I'd go mad. For me, dreaming about and planning a holiday is almost as good as taking one!

  3. oooh I am always thinking about travel. I would love to take the kids to Italy in about 2 years time. We were planning for next year but didn't count on Miss 4 being as "sprited" as she is. Could not handle her on a long plane flight for a couple of years! In the mean time...Byron Bay and dreams! Cheers, Mez x

  4. It never hurts to dream and make big plans. I'm sure you'll get there again eventually. Personally I'm exhausted after a weekend at the beach with my three so a long haul flight seems a long time away but I'd love to take them back to some of my favourite os sites too. Keep dreaming!

  5. It's always good to dream. Nothing in unattainable. I have not been to Sicily but I have a very big soft spot for Italy... I am dying to get back there again soon :)

  6. Perhaps he knows something you don't...did he buy a winning lotto ticket and not tell you? Wouldn't it be lovely...

  7. Sound like a dream just to get over to Italy, especially in the summertime, I wouldn't care where I stayed! Maybe just one night in a 5 star resort, although they are usually cheaper for three or more ;)


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