19 August 2012

The tooth fairy's first visit

Remember those fairies that keep visiting my house? Well there's a new - and welcome - one to add to the list now: the tooth fairy!

In my last post, I wrote about how quickly MissyMoo1 (5) seems to be growing up, how's she's so far from being a baby any more. Here is a further example.

Her first wobbly baby tooth began its wobbling journey a couple of weeks ago. I told her she could wobble it, but not too much, fearing an early gap not being replaced by anything for a while. That fear was very obviously unfounded as, last Monday when she came home from school, MissyMoo1  discovered her big tooth already through and growing behind the wobbly baby tooth. At that discovery, I gave her free reign to wobble to her heart's content. And she did.

She wobbled while getting changed into her ballet clothes. She wobbled in the car on the way to her ballet lesson. I wouldn't be surprised if there was wobbling happening during the lesson. There was wobbling on the way home. Wobbling in the bath.

Then, MissyMoo1  sat up at the table and just before taking the first bit of her dinner, gave it one last wobble.

And out it came!

She was so excited. She decorated a little cardboard pouch and put her tooth inside. MissyMoo1  wondered how the tooth fairy would know, but was easily reassured that the tooth fairy would know about her tooth and would find her that night.

The next morning she was so excited that the tooth fairy brought her "two pieces of gold"!!


  1. How exciting!

    And we have some of those other fairies at our house too.
    I spent all day doing laundry and sure enough there somehow is more dirty laundry in the hamper!
    I gave the kitchen a really thorough clean, turned my back and it was a mess again!

  2. My son has just got his first wobble today! He's so excited because some of his prep friends have recently lost their teeth. Already wants to keep up with the "in crowd" it would seem ;)


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