29 August 2012

Verbal Snapshot: MissyMoo2

While I’m in verbal snapshot mode, here is one for MissyMoo2 (3).

MissyMoo2, you are 3 years and 2 months old.

• You are a girly girl, always opting for skirts and tights / leggings over tracky pants. Although, lately it has become slightly easier to get you into practical pants when it’s necessary … slightly.

• You let me do your hair 50% of the time and 50% of those times, you keep it in for more than a couple of hours (for a girly girl, you’re not much into hair, just clothes).

• Your speech is pretty good. You have chats, tell stories, and sing little songs, but your pronunciation of some sounds is a work in progress. Right now “th” sounds like “s” when you say it, but we’re working on that and you’re managing the “th” sound at the beginning of words. It’s pretty tricky when that sound is at the end of the word though! You’re very proud that you can now say that you’re three with a “th” sound!

• You’re a great middle sister. You play well with MissyMoo3 (11 months) and you also enjoy one-on-one time with MissyMoo1 (5). You adapt your play to suit the older or younger sister.

• You have a sweet little voice.

• You’re so cute.

• You love to play dress-ups.

• You don’t really play with the other kids at playgroup yet. You talk about them, but when we get there, you talk to one for a few seconds, then cling to me a lot. I remember your big sister doing that at this age too. Your favourite thing about playgroup at the moment is dress-ups.

• You are good one-on-one with other kids and love a play and a chat. When there’s a crowd, though, you get shy.

• You love drawing pictures and then folding the bits of paper up into “butterflies”. If there are scissors around you cut the paper into little pieces.

• Jumping on the trampoline is your favourite thing to do outside.

• You are itching to go to pre-school next year.

• You don’t have the side guard on your bed any more, big girl.

• You love swimming lessons and you’re very brave, going into the pool without mummy or daddy. You’ve even started putting your face in the water.


  1. I love this idea of verbal snapshots. What a beautiful way to remember the little things that we otherwise wouldn't take time to commit to memory. Your girls sound so similar to my tribe, although still individual and hitting their own special milestones. Mine are now 1, 4 and 5 and it's seriously challenging, but they are such special developmental ages. Thanks for reminding me to smell the roses!

    1. Thanks Lara. It's full-on, isn't it? A lot of this past 12 months has been a bit of a blur - getting used to having a third child and all that entails - but I'm finding the blog really useful in jogging my memory about the little things :-)

  2. Miss L you also have a great giggly giggle...like a chuckly gurgle...or a gurgly chuckle...I can't decide. You love it when the Hokey Pokey is played on the piano & also sticking your little nose through the front screen door at piano lessons to see what big Miss E is doing. Pretty certain that you are a musical dancer...or dancingly musical...I can't decide. You also like the fairies in my garden. :D


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