12 August 2012

Vinegar Hill - A. Manette Ansay

A few friends of mine formed a book club a while back, called the Old Ducks Book Club, and they recently asked me if I would like to go along. For my first book club gathering, this is the book we were reading.

By the time I had gotten around to thinking about obtaining a copy of the book, the local library only had available copies on audio tape, which was no good for me, as I constantly had kids in the house and would not have been able to concentrate (or censor, if required). I ended up ordering a cheap, second hand copy from eBay. It arrived the day before our scheduled meeting, so, the night before, I read it from cover to cover.

I have since read snippets of reviews commenting about it being well-written etc. To be completely honest, I read it so quickly that I was not really concentrating too much on the way the author used language etc. It was un-put-down-able, in the sense that I needed to not put it down to finish it in time for book club, as well as in the sense that I was eager to know what happened next, but also dreading it. The story was intriguing in a seeing-a-bus-crash-and-not-being-able-to-turn-away kind of way.

The only positive I could really get out of it is that I appreciated what a great husband I have all the more. As I mentioned on my "Books" page, it was the opposite of uplifting. Personally, I did not feel that I gained anything from reading this book.

The morning of our scheduled book club meeting, I checked my email to find that the gathering had been postponed a week as one of the Old Ducks was unable to make it. I (very briefly) thought about reading the book again, more slowly, before we met to try to find something new to appreciate in it, but I could not bring myself to do it.

Book: Paperback. I own it (unfortunately) - bought it 2nd hand from eBay.
Rating: I gave it 2 stars on Goodreads.
One-liner: The opposite of uplifting. But un-put-down-able. I read it in a night, as I just had to know how it ended.


  1. I have had the Steve Jobs book on my bedside table for months now!
    I just never get consistent time to read anymore.
    I will read a few chapters and then not have the chance to read for a few weeks and so have to start all over again!

    Your Old Ducks Book Club sounds fun. I was in a book club a while back and I loved it...of course we always ended up drinking too much wine and gossiping instead of discussing the book!

    1. Ooh Steve Jobs is another one I'd like to read - one day.

      Yes, not much discussion of the book occurs in our book club either, but it's a starting point!

    2. We've got the Steve Jobs one our bedside table too since Christmas. It looks chunky and I haven't quite been brave enough to tackle it yet! As for Vinegar Hill, show me the nearest bottle of wine so I can drink myself into oblivion... I'm glad this months Old Ducks is lighter!


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