05 September 2012

Verbal Snapshot: MissyMoo1

Here is a verbal snapshot for my biggest MissyMoo, MissyMoo1 (5).

MissyMoo1, you are 5 and 3/4 :-)

  • You're so tall and grown up. Sure, at school you still look tiny with all the bigger kids around, but at home, you're HUGE! You're already up to my chest in height - I'm hoping you make it to eight before you're taller than me, just for my own ego.
  • You're not a baby any more. You're growing into a big girl and I'm so proud of you.
  • You're learning so much - your reading is great, counting, just general knowledge too - you're clever!
  • You get upset and frustrated sometimes, particularly when you're tired, so we're working on how you should behave at those times.
  • But generally, nobody outside the home sees that, because you're a really good girl most of the time. You've set the bar so high, being considerate, kind and happy.
  • You like dancing around the place, singing songs and putting on silly voices.
  • You're very sensitive. Sometimes it's a good thing, because you empathise with others and show kindness towards them. Other times, it's hard for you because when kids are mean, you really take it to heart.
  • You've found some lovely friends at school.
  • You're enjoying the outdoors more and more. You seem to be happiest when you're running around playing in the backyard with MissyMoo2. You're going to enjoy this Spring and Summer.
  • You can do your own pony-tails.
  • You love prawns and ask for some of mine if I've ordered some at a restaurant.
  • You can do up your own shoelaces and often help other kids with theirs as well.
  • The novelty of catching the bus to school has worn off, but you know you still have to catch it on my work days. You love it when I drive you to school.
  • Piano is going well. You enjoy playing it, and love to experiment with the keyboard.
  • I can't believe my eyes when I see you swim. You're so long and slender through the water. You definitely don't take after me - being good in the water is your Daddy's gift to you.
  • Sometimes I think about how much I love you and your sisters and my heart just aches.

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