30 October 2012

50 Shades of Thinking About Jumping off the Bandwagon

Many of you would have read that I swallowed my pride and prejudices (actually, that's a book I haven't read in a while - note to self: put that on the reading 'to do' list) and read 50 Shades of Grey.

I recently completed the second book of the trilogy:

Take all of my issues with the first book as a given; they continued on into this book. The "voice", the multiple personalities, the ridiculous sayings - they were all there. So I decided when reading this book, to alter my perspective. So that I would not be annoyed, I decided to think of the book as a comedy. I would tell Hubby the ridiculous descriptions of things as I read them and we'd have a laugh. I think my favourite is when Ana described a look that Christian gave her as "panty-combusting". That cracked me up.

The story got a bit romantic in this book, which, admittedly, I quite liked. (I'm a hopeless romantic at heart). I am glad I pressed on and read this book, but I've decided that the third instalment is not for me ... at least not for a little while. I liked where the second book ended. I read the blurb about the third book and I can't be bothered with the drama of it. I think I need a rest from the characters and a change of pace. There are a couple of as yet unread books on my bookshelf calling my name, so I think I'll listen to them first. I think my love of sets will win out in the end and I will eventually read book #3, but I won't be forcing myself to do it right now.

Book: Paperback. I own it - bought it at Big W.
Rating: I gave this 2 stars on Goodreads.
One-liner: Stopping here for now ... can't.go.on...

29 October 2012

Batch cooking and baking

It's been a busy day in Francesca's kitchen today:

And what were the little MissyMoos up to during all this?

Time to go clean up...

27 October 2012

The Happiest Refugee - Anh Do

I borrowed this book from B. I was over at her house a couple of months back, perusing her bookshelf while the kids were playing, and she thought I might like it.

I did.

I'm so used to reading fiction, fantasy, whatever the author wants it to be. It was refreshing and exciting to read about a real person's life, a memoir, something which really did happen.

The saying holds firm here: sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes it is more interesting than fiction. Sometimes it can almost seem more fictional than fiction.

Anh Do has had (so far) an amazing life. I'm glad I read his book. I feel that I have gained something in doing so - an insight into a life I would otherwise know nothing about.

Book: Paperback. Borrowed from a friend.
Rating: I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads.
One-liner: Sometimes true stories are much more interesting than fiction.

25 October 2012

My 6th Liebster Award!

Can you believe it?! I can't. Early this month I was given my 6th Liebster award! Thank you to Mel at "Just Winging It. Parenting by the seat of my pants".  I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post about this award. But I am thankful. So thankful, in fact, that I am doing my "acceptance speech" post as my Thankful Thursday for this week.

As this post is bound to be a link-a-thon, I'll just remind you about my other awards and where they came from. Actually, let's have fun with this and see how many links I can put in this post:
  1. This was from Miss Holly at Monstercake. I'm not sure if Monstercake is still up and running but Holly now blogs here. Click here for my acceptance post.
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So what is a Liebster Award? The award is given to support and recognise up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers (on their blog) or likers (on their Facebook page). The word “Liebster” apparently has German origins and is reported to mean sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. By following some basic rules (answer 11 questions set by your nominee, write 11 questions of your own and pass the award onto 11 other bloggers to answer) it enables readers to get to know new bloggers and connect with a wider audience.

Mel's questions for me 
  1. How long have you been blogging / had a Facebook page for? I started blogging in December 2009, so that's two years and 10 months now.
  2. Why did you start blogging? To have a creative outlet and keep my mind active. Just to continue with the extreme linkiness of this post, here is a link to my first post about why I started blogging.
  3. What should you be doing right now, instead of blogging? Sleeping
  4. Name 3 items you could grab from where you are sitting. Telephone, notepad, earrings.
  5. Are you a morning or evening person? Morning
  6. What book are you currently reading? Mrs Queen Takes the Train by William Kuhn. It's a proof copy I won from Allen & Unwin in a Facebook competition.
  7. Where were you born? In a hospital, unlike one of my daughters.
  8. How many times in your life have you moved and where to? 10 times I think all up. Where to? Now that's a secret ;-)
  9. Are you a coffee or a tea drinker? Coffee for sure
  10. What is the next country on your travel wish list? Italy, the list doesn't change.
  11. Are you spontaneous or a planner. I'm a planner who likes to think she can be spontaneous (but that's all in my imagination).
Okay, so now I have to nominate 11 people to pass this award onto. If you've been reading my last few Liebster posts, I've been a bit naughty and haven't done this bit. But I'm issuing myself a challenge. I am going to attempt to link to 11 new people I haven't given the award to yet.

Previous Liebster recipients at the hands of Francesca

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Lucky Liebster Nominees

For my nominees for this time, in the spirit of spreading the Liebster love, I will not nominate back people who have nominated me. Because of this, I might have to be slightly (or completely) lax with the number of followers rule. Now here, without further ado, are my 11 new nominees:

So, nominees, if you want to play along (which you are under no obligation to do, by the way), here are my questions for you:
  1. What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten? (Let's get the niceties out of the way early!)
  2. How many blog posts have you written?
  3. What was your first pet's name?
  4. How many children do you have?
  5. Tea or coffee? (Catherine, I know what your answer will be!)
  6. Name one thing you can't do without.
  7. Do you need routine or do you go with the flow?
  8. What is your favourite fruit?
  9. Name one of your talents.
  10. What is your favourite thing about where you live?
  11. What colour are your eyes?

Thankful Thursday

24 October 2012

Lawyers and bloggers

I'm off to work this morning.

Here's a photo a friend and former colleague of mine tagged me in on Facebook a while ago...

... and here's one Gina sent me about bloggers:

Happy Wednesday

23 October 2012

Togs and Gogs

MissyMoo3 (12 months) has joined in on the "activities" scene, joining her sisters doing swimming lessons.

Hubby and I, being the experienced parents that we are, have been a bit clever about it this time. (Well, actually, it's all Hubby on this one - he organised it). Hubby, my hero, managed to book in all three daughters in swimming lessons at their various levels, at the same time!

This, my friends, is a stroke of genius! MissyMoo1 (5) and MissyMoo2 (3) are each in classes which have a few other kids in them and a teacher - no parents required. MissyMoo3 (12 months) is in a class where a parent accompanies the baby. This organisational marvel of my husband's means that with three children each doing a half hour class, even with changing time afterwards factored in, we're in and out of there within the hour.

MissyMoo3 likes the water. She's a bit sleepy at the time of her lesson and the warm water in the hydrotherapy pool where she has her lesson is very relaxing. She started sucking her fingers while she was floating on her back the other week and I thought she was going to fall asleep!

MissyMoo2 is now in a class without a parent and she's doing quite well. For a kid who used to cry at the mere thought of getting her face wet in baby classes, she's amazing. She wears goggles and puts her face in all the time, she has never once complained or gotten upset about getting in the pool without us.

MissyMoo1 does about six strokes with one breath and can do the worm! She does great in the lesson pool and in our pool at home. Our concern with her was that because she is tall enough to touch the bottom in ours and the lesson pool, we found that she didn't know how to keep afloat in a deeper pool. We haven't been in a deeper pool since she restarted swimming lessons in July, so we're not sure how she'd go, but it's awesome to see her swim so well in her lessons.

It probably sounds silly, but I'm a little bit proud that MissyMoo3 is doing "something" too now. I love her taking these tiny steps towards getting bigger (although she's not taking literal steps yet!). From time to time I find myself gazing at her and realising she's moving away from being a baby, but for the most part, I'm not lamenting it, I'm embracing it. I love it that she's able to do more, be more involved in family life and that her little personality is shining through more and more each day. (I think part of me is also just so tired from all the baby-ness of the past six years that I'm looking forward to life getting a little easier day-to-day as they get older.)

22 October 2012

Bye bye ballerina

During the last school term, MissyMoo1's (5) attendance at ballet lessons came to an end.

Last time I posted about MissyMoo1's ballet classes, I felt that it was something she might carry on with for quite some time.

Unfortunately, a number of little things came together to make it extremely difficult for us to carry on.

  • The play gym where the lessons were being held was no longer available to the dance school for lessons. This had been a huge factor in choosing the dance school because it meant that MissyMoo2 (3) and MissyMoo3 (12 months) also had something to do while ballet was on.
  • During the flux time in trying to find temporary places for the classes, not once did the dance school contact me directly to tell me where the class would be held. Classes I had already paid for. I had to hear it through the grapevine. Luckily, the ballet mums are a helpful bunch so the ones who were notified passed on the message to the rest of us.
  • The little kids' classes were separated. So the girls who were MissyMoo1's age but had been dancing longer than her (her schoolfriends) had their lessons moved to a much later time. Although they had mostly danced in separate classes previously, MissyMoo1 didn't even see them any more because they weren't arriving until about half an hour after we had left.
  • The dance teacher suggested to MissyMoo1 that she do jazz classes too (everyone else in her class stayed on for jazz). I'm sorry, but she's 5. If you think she should do the classes, talk to me about it. Don't try to get my child to guilt me into signing her up for more stuff. (My reaction might seem severe, but this teacher has put pressure on parents I know to sign their kids up for more, always more, so that's the background to my reaction). I was so proud of MissyMoo1. She told me that she told her teacher that she already does lots of activities and she isn't allowed to do any more. She shouldn't have had to do that though - she shouldn't have been put in that position in the first place.
  • The Christmas concert was scheduled to start at 7pm on a school night at a town centre 45 minutes drive away. Um? No, not happening for so many ridiculously obvious reasons.
  • We figured that if she wasn't attending the Christmas concert, there would not be much point doing lessons in term 4 because she would just feel left out. And given the jazz experience, I didn't think the teacher would make a huge effort to help MissyMoo1 not feel left out.
I felt terrible about telling MissyMoo1 that she wouldn't be doing ballet any more. After the demonstration, I thought she would be really upset about it. We decided to replace v\ballet with something else to soften the blow and to keep her active: little athletics. A good outdoors summer sport, one where the other MissyMoos could just run around instead of me having to amuse and control them. It is also something that Hubby can be involved in, as it's on a Friday evening.

I needn't have worried. When we told MissyMoo1, she was so excited. "Mum I love sport, more than dancing!". Bless her.

There was some overlap with Little Athletics starting and Term 3 ballet ending. Going to both and dragging the other MissyMoos around to everything just seemed to make the week too full. I was at extra-curricular activity saturation point. I thought about whether missing the last three weeks of ballet was sending MissyMoo1 the wrong message. I want her to learn to see things through, to persevere. But I think there's also a great lesson in making an assessment of the stressors in your life and changing things to make everyone happier. There's also a great lesson in creating opportunities for quality time together, in non-structured sibling play-time. I opted for the latter messages. I can teach her about perseverance when she's older.

21 October 2012

MissyMoo3's first birthday - part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about MissyMoo3's (12 months) first birthday and how her planned birthday party couldn't go ahead.

Well, we did end up having her belated party a couple of weeks ago. I have been meaning to post about it for a while, but life has been so busy. I have quite a few blog posts floating around in my head (and listed in my notebook), but finding the time and opportunity to write them (when I'm in the mood!) has been difficult lately.

Anyway, MissyMoo3 had her first birthday party, and it was actually on the anniversary of her due date. If you can't have a birthday party on your actual birthday, then that's a pretty good replacement day if you ask me!

Unfortunately because of the delayed date, Gran and Soot weren't able to be there, but they still visited on the original party date. At the party, MissyMoo3 had Nonna, Par, her godmothers and their families ... oh and of course, her parents and sisters :-)

She was very spoiled, with lots of attention, presents and cake. What more could a little girl ask for!

16 October 2012

Mamma cranky pants

I had a happy drive home from work today. The weather was warm, the sun was shining, there was good music on the radio. I thought to myself: Francesca, when you get home, you're going to be cheery. No nagging the kids, no shouting at them. We're all going to get along.

It started off well. I managed to sneak into my bedroom to get changed before anyone called for me.

But then it started: the loud voices, the whinging, the whining, the wriggling, the taking half an hour to eat the veggies, the weeing on the bathroom floor before getting in the bath, the "I want that face-wash", the wriggling during nappy changes, the bickering, the taking half an hour to put a nighty on, the not doing what they're asked even after the sixth time, the disappearing bedroom floor hiding under toys and  books and crayons, the baby being removed from the clothes drawer to the other side of the room a split second before jamming her little fingers, the not being able to find a decent comb in the cupboard, the baby back at the drawers before I even have a chance to close the cupboard door, the "I don't want to", the "she did it", the baby screaming after falling on a puzzle piece with a little handle on top of it which was left on the disappearing bedroom floor...


Well, pardon me for shouting.

Tomorrow is a new day. I'll try the cheery me again tomorrow. Think happy thoughts...

15 October 2012

The last day of our Canberra holiday

On our last full day in Canberra, we had a full day out and broke our rule of one activity per day. Well actually, it was more of a guideline than a rule. And the two places were 100 metres apart so it was pretty much the one outing anyway.

Cockington Green

Our first stop was Cockington Green. I had been there on a trip to Canberra with my parents as a teenager and thought that the Missy Moos would enjoy seeing the little models and figurines. I was right, they did. Not only that, but I had forgotten about the miniature steam train - we all had a ride on that and it was such a hit that Hubby, MissyMoo1 (5) and MissyMoo2 (3) went on it a second time. Gran and Soot also enjoyed it, particularly because of the immaculate miniature gardens. There really was something for everyone.

A beautiful fairy garden close to the entrance. Too bad we weren't able to leave Leopold and Felicity there!

Miss E and Miss L adored this fairytale castle
After all of the wandering around, the MissyMoos played, we had coffee and then decided to stick around for lunch before moving onto our next adventure.

The Dinosaur Museum

This was great. From the outside, with life-sized dinosaur models, you could be forgiven for thinking that it wouldn't get any better going in. You could be forgiven, but you would be mistaken. Inside, there were real fossils on display, replicas which you could touch and motion-activated models which roared and moved when people walked past. MissyMoo1 had a worksheet, which she enjoyed doing.

Hubby and I had asked Gran and Soot to look after the MissyMoos that night so we could go out for a bit, but we were so tired that we all ended up staying in for dinner and having an early night!

12 October 2012

50 Shades of Jumping on the Bandwagon

I promised myself I wouldn't do this.

I wasn't going to jump on the bandwagon and read the book every other adult female in the entire world has seemingly read. But curiosity got the better of me. I had started to wonder just what all the hype was about, what the book was actually about, rather than just accepting the "mummy porn" tag it had been given. I thought about borrowing a copy from the library, but felt a bit funny about borrowing that kind of book from a public library. One day at the shops, I saw the books for under $10 each and I spontaneously bought all three! (Yes, I like completeness and sets. I'm special that way).

From the outset, the book seemed ... different. I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but by the time I got to about the third chapter, I realised what it was. Most books I've read are written in the past tense, no matter what person they're written in; for example: "I went to the train station", "She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear". But this book is not written in that way. This book is written in the present tense: "I trip over my own feet", "I can hear my heart beating". I didn't like it. It was off-putting. I may have missed something here, in fact I probably have, because I haven't studied literature since high school (well, literature written in English anyway - I studied French literature at uni, but that's beside the point). But the story being written in that way gave me the impression of a conversation taking place between people on public transport ... chewing gum... (à la Kylie Mole) rather than a literary work, by a narrator/protagonist who had just received a degree in literature...

I confessed to some of the old ducks that despite my declaration that I would not be reading it, I had in fact begun to read the first fifty shades book. At that point, I had reached the first mention of the contract (those of you who have read it, which is probably just about everyone, will know what I'm talking about) and I told them that I was feeling uncomfortable about where the story was going and unsure of whether I wanted to continue reading. One duck advised that I didn't have to read it if I didn't want to. And she was right. I'm a grown woman, I can make my own decisions. But, I also knew myself, and that I couldn't not read it. I had bought the trilogy. I couldn't stop reading a third of the way through the first book. So I left it a few days, but then picked it up again.

It took a while to get to the "good" stuff. But geez, can that girl's mind kill a mood. I mean what grown woman says "holy crap"? And, who says "oh my" in the heat of the moment? Actually, who says "oh my" at all? There were plenty of those occasions where, to my mind, it would have been more effective (and less irritating) to omit those phrases completely. And what of this inner goddess and other voices in her head? Ana thinks Christian is messed up, but man, she's constantly having conversations with her multiple personalities!

I get the mummy porn tag. The book has naughty bits in it and the story line is completely fanciful. But, having said all that, now that I've read the first book, I'm intrigued to see what happens next. I've been taken in by the loose ends deliberately left hanging, leading to the sequel. And so I will read on.

Book: Paperback. I own it (unfortunately) - bought it from Big W.
Rating: I gave this two stars on Goodreads.
One-liner: I promised myself I wouldn't...

11 October 2012

Thankful Thursday: The Three Sisters

Today (and every day) I am thankful for my three beautiful daughters.
I am thankful to them for multiplying the reserves of love I have in me, to give right back to them.
I am thankful for the relationship and bond I have with each of them - each of them different because of their ages and our experiences together, but each equal in strength.
I am thankful for their relationship with one another - they are becoming a cute little gang - and I hope with all my heart that they are friends throughout their lives.

I am thankful for their laughter.
I am thankful for their tears - that they choose to have them fall on me.
I am thankful for cuddles.
I am thankful for their health.
I am thankful for their happiness.
I am thankful that they make me the mother, and the person, that I am.

I thank them for the friends they have brought into our lives, the wonderful times we have spent together as a family and the adventures that are yet to come.

Thankful Thursday

09 October 2012

Birthdays, Vomits and Questacon

For MissyMoo3's 1st birthday, we had planned a day out at Questacon. Plans had to be changed a bit because of poor MissyMoo2 (3) getting sick that morning, but we headed over to Questacon after lunch and spent a couple of hours there.

We rushed through a bit because we weren't there for as long as we'd initially planned. Having said that, the MissyMoos would probably have gotten quite tired had we spent the whole day there.

MissyMoo1 (5) loved the lightning display and, well, pretty much everything. Even after MissyMoo2's horrible morning, she still got into the spirit of things. I pushed her around in the stroller so she didn't get too tired, but at each new thing she got up and had a look around. She even got up to get groovy with her big sister:

And their mum got in on the act too - how could I not?!

As if it couldn't get any better, there was a kids' play area at the end! MissyMoo1 and MissyMoo2 had a ball, particularly with the water play. MissyMoo3 (12 months) stayed with me in the foyer pushing her own stroller (walking practise).

We got ourselves some pretty cool gear at the souvenir shop. And just when we thought we'd seen it all, we waved goodbye to a robot on the way out.

The day out that nearly wasn't ended very well.

08 October 2012

A Morning at the Mint

Our second morning in Canberra was spent at the Mint. We weren't sure whether the Missy Moos would be interested, but it was definitely something all the adults wanted to see, so they didn't have a choice in the matter.

It turns out that MissyMoo1 (5) and MissyMoo2 (3) loved it. MissyMoo3 (11 months) was pretty happy too with so many new things to look at.

The girls were taken with the robot lifting a 44 gallon drum of blanks:

They also enjoyed me telling them that when I was a kid, I thought the mint was the factory where Minties were made. True story.

While we were at the Mint, a school group was also there - late primary school, I'd say. We were looking around at the displays in an open area and the class was gathered in a corner listening to a talk by one of the guides. As we walked past, MissyMoo1 lingered and I could tell she was interested. I quietly asked her if she wanted to listen to the talk and she nodded, beaming. So we sat there and eavesdropped on the class excursion's lesson. MissyMoo1 has always asked questions and wanted to know all about everything, but now that she's at school, she has a new awareness of things and she's interested in learning in a whole new way. It was wonderful to see her wanting to absorb information that was on offer as well as looking around.

After we wandered, we went to the gift shop and the MissyMoos each had a coin minted in front of them from a machine there. It was lots of fun for young and ... mature.

07 October 2012

Francesca meets Floriade

When we were doing the organising part of our trip to Canberra a few months ago with Gran and Soot, one of the key attractions to going there at this time of year was Floriade.

I'm not really a gardeny flower person. Don't get me wrong, I like flowers. I appreciate their appearance and their scent, I like receiving them from Hubby, but I don't know much about them. I can tell a rose from a tulip, but that's about the extent of my knowledge in that department. I didn't know much about Floriade and it had never been on my list of things to see in my lifetime, but I thought, hey, why not?

I'm glad we went. It ticked so many boxes. On our first full morning in Canberra,we woke to sunshine. Once we navigated our way through the counter-intuitive rings and roundabouts to the car park, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all day parking was only $8. (For our nation's capital, I had been expecting something in the realm of Sydney prices - nowhere near it!)

Entry was free. We decided to hire an extra stroller for MissyMoo2 to use - as soon as she got out of the car she'd started complaining that she was tired and didn't want to walk - and that only cost $5.

The flowers were bright and beautiful. There were rides for the kids and coffees for the parents. Not all of the flowers were in bloom yet, but even so, it looked gorgeous.

As a reward for getting to the bottom of the garden, there were some baby animals to pat...

Actually, we weren't allowed to pat this one, but isn't it cute?

...and a scarecrow to guard them.

The MissyMoos were wowed by the girls on stilts. We saw a camera crew filming them for "Better Homes and Gardens" while we were there - that was pretty cool.

We had a great day out in the sunshine. It was a wonderful start to our time in Canberra.

04 October 2012

Family Holiday to Canberra

We've been on a holiday! And we survived!! I'm so thankful :-)

Before we left, I wondered if we were crazy. But we had a wonderful time together in Canberra, seeing the sights and having some precious family time.

I think we did this holiday well. Here's why:

We broke the car trip down into manageable pieces.
We did the first two hours after dinner with the MissyMoos in their comfy pjs. They all slept most of the way. It worked a treat ... except for the bit where MissyMoo3 (11 months) thought it was her afternoon nap, woke when we arrived at our stopover motel and had so much fun exploring the room that she didn't get back to sleep until just before 10pm. Sigh. But the other two went straight back to sleep when we put them in their beds.

The next morning we had two more stops before we reached Canberra. One was a morning tea stop with family and the next was a lunch stop at Goulburn. The Missy Moos enjoyed seeing the Big Merino (their first "Big" thing).

I think this approach was definitely the way to go for our first long car trip with three kids. There was plenty to amuse them and they didn't get too bored along the way. I thought MissyMoo1 (5) and I might have had to do  some negotiation about song selection - I had a big talk to them beforehand about how every family member should be able to listen to things they like - but it was actually MissyMoo2 (3) who kept wanting to listen to Katy Perry over and over again. And not the whole CD, just the first few songs...

We brought re-enforcements
Gran and Soot came too. We had our own space and did some of our own things, but we were also able to spend a lot of time together and do most of our outings together. It was great to spend time together as well as to have extra eyes, ears and hands helping us look after the MissyMoos.

We had suitable accommodation
We stayed in a two bedroom apartment only a couple of minutes' walk from a major shopping centre. I can take no credit for this - Gran and Soot organised it. It was just what we needed - Hubby and I in one bedroom with MissyMoo3 in the port-a-cot and MissyMoo1 & MissyMoo2 in the other bedroom. There was a kitchen, laundry and bathroom with a bath, all of which were put to good use (no, there are no holidays from doing washing).

We spaced out the activities
We planned one major outing per day. This was great, as it allowed us to have down time, and gave us a buffer for when Leopold and Felicity stopped by, so we didn't miss out on too much when we had to stay in for a few hours.

We left at the right time
We ended our time in Canberra the day before the start of the long weekend, which meant that traffic wasn't too heavy. The weather was atrocious the morning we left too, after having been lovely all week, so it was the right time to go!

There were little lessons learned along the way, of course, but all in all we had a wonderful family holiday. It was so nice for us to have that uninterrupted time together. I'm also really proud of us as a family that we managed well, and I'm especially proud of Hubby and I for being an awesome team.

I'll post more about the trip later on, with photos to make it interesting, but for now, I'm just thankful.

Thankful Thursday

03 October 2012

31 Dream Street - Lisa Jewell

Oggi ho visto nel Blogger che qualcuno ha trovato il mio blog scritto in inglese cercando "31 dream street in italian", perchè ho scritto un post su 31 Dream Street.  31 Dream Street è un libro di Lisa Jewell, un'autrice inglese. Quindi, ho deciso di scrivere un post in italiano su questo libro. Forse quella persona può trovare anche questo post!

Ho letto il libro nel 2010 e l'ho assolutamente adorato. E` facile di leggere, perchè è scritto bene. Alla fine del libro ho così tenuto molto ai personnaggi, che non ho voluto che il libro finisce. Volevo continuare di avere una parte nella loro vita. Ho avuto lo stesso sentimento quando l'ho letto la seconda volta, qualche settimane fa. Ha passato abbastanza tempo per mi fare dimenticare qualche cose, quindi l'ho ancora trovato interessante.

Ci sono molti personaggi nella storia, ma i capitoli sono breve, quindi seguire i personaggi non è difficile.

Mi ho piaciuto molto questo libro e penso di leggerlo un'altra volta, forse l'anno prossimo :-)

02 October 2012

MissyMoo3's first birthday

MissyMoo3 turned one last week!

If you haven't yet read about her dramatic entry to the world, check out her birth story.

As you know, her birthday was marred by illness, however we still managed to celebrate her special day. We were away on holidays, which just added to the "specialness" of it all.

This was MissyMoo3's big birthday present:

Her big sisters wrapped up her smaller present in hand-made wrapping paper which I stickytaped together to make one big piece of wrapping paper:

MissyMoo1's piece of paper
MissyMoo2's piece of paper

That evening, we had cake after dinner:

Our plan was to have a party with family and MissyMoo3's Godparents' families on our return, but it had to be cancelled because of the vomits. No matter though - she enjoyed her birthday and loved the chocolate mudcake and strawberries.

01 October 2012

Leopold and Felicity found my children

Do you remember Leopold and Felicity? I've mentioned them before. I'm pretty happy that we haven't seen them much lately.

I'm sad to say that last week they found us.

We weren't even home. We were on the run. On holidays. But they still managed to find MissyMoo2 (3). And on her baby sister's first birthday, no less.

Perhaps it was a chance encounter. Perhaps they weren't seeking us out. Or perhaps they were. I'll never know. All I know is that when they found my family, they made themselves very comfortable. They imposed. And they followed us home.

MissyMoo2 woke up on the morning of MissyMoo3's 1st birthday to a spew fairy's only gift. Luckily, by lunch time we'd had no more vomits, but she was still very tired and had very little appetite. She was sick again on Friday and wasn't what you would call "well" until Sunday.

MissyMoo1 (5) was also the recipient of an unwanted gift - two actually; hers were Saturday morning, in a hotel room on our stopover on the way home from our holiday. MissyMoo2 also had a sympathy spew that morning. Oh the joy. Thankfully, Leopold and Felicity did not hop into the car with us for the rest of our journey home. There's a good thing about having a car-full.

We thought that was that, that we'd left our free-loaders stranded somewhere on the highway. But no. After we were well and truly home safe and sound, on the eve of MissyMoo3's first birthday party - Sunday night - it was her turn. The poor dear. Luckily, it was only the once. But the damage was done. The party was called off. Today she has been in good spirits, but has slept quite a bit, so it was a good thing she didn't have all the attention that the party would have brought over-exciting her.

That's it Leopold and Felicity. You are being evicted. Do not, I repeat, do not even think about coming near Hubby or I. We have work in the morning, and I'd much rather be there than at home with my head in the basin, thank you very much!
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