08 October 2012

A Morning at the Mint

Our second morning in Canberra was spent at the Mint. We weren't sure whether the Missy Moos would be interested, but it was definitely something all the adults wanted to see, so they didn't have a choice in the matter.

It turns out that MissyMoo1 (5) and MissyMoo2 (3) loved it. MissyMoo3 (11 months) was pretty happy too with so many new things to look at.

The girls were taken with the robot lifting a 44 gallon drum of blanks:

They also enjoyed me telling them that when I was a kid, I thought the mint was the factory where Minties were made. True story.

While we were at the Mint, a school group was also there - late primary school, I'd say. We were looking around at the displays in an open area and the class was gathered in a corner listening to a talk by one of the guides. As we walked past, MissyMoo1 lingered and I could tell she was interested. I quietly asked her if she wanted to listen to the talk and she nodded, beaming. So we sat there and eavesdropped on the class excursion's lesson. MissyMoo1 has always asked questions and wanted to know all about everything, but now that she's at school, she has a new awareness of things and she's interested in learning in a whole new way. It was wonderful to see her wanting to absorb information that was on offer as well as looking around.

After we wandered, we went to the gift shop and the MissyMoos each had a coin minted in front of them from a machine there. It was lots of fun for young and ... mature.

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