21 October 2012

MissyMoo3's first birthday - part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about MissyMoo3's (12 months) first birthday and how her planned birthday party couldn't go ahead.

Well, we did end up having her belated party a couple of weeks ago. I have been meaning to post about it for a while, but life has been so busy. I have quite a few blog posts floating around in my head (and listed in my notebook), but finding the time and opportunity to write them (when I'm in the mood!) has been difficult lately.

Anyway, MissyMoo3 had her first birthday party, and it was actually on the anniversary of her due date. If you can't have a birthday party on your actual birthday, then that's a pretty good replacement day if you ask me!

Unfortunately because of the delayed date, Gran and Soot weren't able to be there, but they still visited on the original party date. At the party, MissyMoo3 had Nonna, Par, her godmothers and their families ... oh and of course, her parents and sisters :-)

She was very spoiled, with lots of attention, presents and cake. What more could a little girl ask for!

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