02 October 2012

MissyMoo3's first birthday

MissyMoo3 turned one last week!

If you haven't yet read about her dramatic entry to the world, check out her birth story.

As you know, her birthday was marred by illness, however we still managed to celebrate her special day. We were away on holidays, which just added to the "specialness" of it all.

This was MissyMoo3's big birthday present:

Her big sisters wrapped up her smaller present in hand-made wrapping paper which I stickytaped together to make one big piece of wrapping paper:

MissyMoo1's piece of paper
MissyMoo2's piece of paper

That evening, we had cake after dinner:

Our plan was to have a party with family and MissyMoo3's Godparents' families on our return, but it had to be cancelled because of the vomits. No matter though - she enjoyed her birthday and loved the chocolate mudcake and strawberries.


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss A, it sounds like you had a lovely time. And perfect cake, Mia loves strawberries and I know she will love mudcake so that is probably what we will have on her actual birthday in November. Her aunty and a friend of mine are making the cake for her birthday so it might be a bit more elaborate but I am looking forward to the mudcake (it's my fave!)

    1. Mmm, I love mudcake too. Oooh, I'm sure Mia's cake will be beautiful.

      We had a belated birthday party for Miss A today and she was more interested in eating strawberries than opening her presents!

  2. Happy birthday! Sorry to hear she was unwell. We have that stroller for Master A (who coincidentally turned 2 over the weekend - double birthdays!) the stroller is great!
    Chrissie xx

    1. What a great time of year to have a baby - we're very clever :-)

      I love the stroller - it's so smooth.


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