27 October 2012

The Happiest Refugee - Anh Do

I borrowed this book from B. I was over at her house a couple of months back, perusing her bookshelf while the kids were playing, and she thought I might like it.

I did.

I'm so used to reading fiction, fantasy, whatever the author wants it to be. It was refreshing and exciting to read about a real person's life, a memoir, something which really did happen.

The saying holds firm here: sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes it is more interesting than fiction. Sometimes it can almost seem more fictional than fiction.

Anh Do has had (so far) an amazing life. I'm glad I read his book. I feel that I have gained something in doing so - an insight into a life I would otherwise know nothing about.

Book: Paperback. Borrowed from a friend.
Rating: I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads.
One-liner: Sometimes true stories are much more interesting than fiction.


  1. Interessante, ho letto la sua biografia su Wikipedia perché non l'avevo mai sentito nominare. Sembra una persona in gamba e positiva.

    1. Si, sembra cosi anche quando parla - gli ho visto alla televisione ogni tanto.

  2. Hi Francesca - You've just reminded me that I've got to check out this book. It's been recommended to me by many people, saying that it's a great read. A migrant myself, I think it's wonderful to have our voices heard and stories told.

    1. It was an easy-going kind of read too - especially for some of the heavier topics he covered. I'd read it again.


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