30 November 2012

Advent calendar: preparation

We've never done the Advent calendar thing before. I've seen them in the shops, but always shied away from them because I'm not keen on giving the MissyMoos chocolate everyday. Chocolate makes them a little ... excitable. Also, to me, Advent is more than that - it's preparing ourselves to celebrate Christmas. And Christmas is more than lollies and Santa - it's about the birth of Jesus. I'm quite into all the Santa stuff with the kids, but I also want to teach them the real "reason for the season".

Last year, we made a nativity scene. This year, I decided to try my hand at a home-made Advent calendar. Rather than have sweets each day, I've put in an activity for MissyMoo1 (6) and MissyMoo2(3) to do. As they're quite young, they're fairly simple things - mainly colouring in and a few other bits and pieces - but all with a Christmas theme.

I bought some Christmas themed paper cups, printed out numbers for each day of December and pasted them on the cups. Even though Advent doesn't officially start until Sunday 2nd December, I thought it would be easier just starting from Saturday, as it's the first of the month.

Then I rolled up the printed activities, tied them with ribbon and placed them in the cup.

I will peg each cup on a piece of string and hang it on a wall in the living room. I had hoped to put a picture of the final product up on this post, but the cups are still all sitting in a cardboard box waiting to be hung up. That is this afternoon's job!


  1. Great idea! What a lovely tradition. Especially like the idea of having activities instead of toys/ sweets. Hope your little ones enjoy :)

  2. Such a beautiful advent calendar! Good job and have a happy countdown with the kids!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. That is such an awesome idea! I've never done the advent thing with my kids either, again because of the focus on chocolate. My girls in particular would love to do something like this. I may have to get my skates on quick to get something organised for tomorrow!!

  4. We're doing activities for our advent calendar too. 2 year olds don't need more chocolate!

  5. That's really simple and cute! Great idea, I'm going to have to remember that as I have a reusable one I made last year but I don't know what condition it will be in 2 years from now after storage and use... I made up all the activities yesterday so they should be ready to pop in. Must dig out the actual hanging bit (I hear the 6yo shouting as I type, "HEY! The Christmas calendar!" so I guess it's time to go put ours up!)

  6. I love this idea!
    I will tuck this one away for next year when Toddler C is more able to craft!

    Enjoying getting into the Christmas spirit!


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