08 November 2012

Christmas is creeping up on me

I don't usually think about Christmas this early, but this year, I'm finding I can't help it.

With MissyMoo1's (5) birthday at the end of November, we've usually tried to keep some separation between her birthday and Christmas. We don't put up the tree, play Christmas music, watch Christmas movies or do anything remotely Christmassy until after the birthday. 

Last year, I started to realise that four weeks just wasn't long enough to prepare for Christmas. So I decided that I could separate the events outwardly, but behind the scenes I would be thinking about Christmas prior to MissyMoo1's birthday.

This year, I have continued with that, preparing for MissyMoo1's birthday and Christmas behind the scenes simultaneously, whilst attempting to focus on one thing at a time with the children.

Trouble is, over the past week or so, I've been thinking so many Christmas thoughts. There are some things needing prior planning - Nonna & Par's present (Nonna, I know you read my blog so that's all I'm going to say!), presents list for everyone else, other preparations in the home, playgroup Christmas stuff. MissyMoo1 has been borrowing Christmas books from her school library. Add to that the inevitable filling of the calendar with social engagements in the lead up to Christmas and I'm finding that Christmas thoughts are starting to creep in everywhere. 

I've been trying to keep a lid on it lest I run out of steam and peak early, but I've realised that I'm really starting to get excited!! There, I've said it. Now I just have to keep my cool in front of the kidlets for three more weeks, then we can start openly talking about Christmas. Be warned, I may be blogging a bit about Christmas to get it out of my system without confusing my kids!

How about you? When do you start getting excited about Christmas?

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  1. I'm excited about Christmas, but not very organised!


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