28 December 2012

2012 resolution wrap up

At the end of 2011 I made some resolutions for this year. And now, a year later, lets have a look at how well I've done at keeping up with my hopes for 2012. Have I managed to keep my resolutions?

1. De-stress. This will involve not putting myself into situations for which the stress involved is not worth the benefit gained from the activity. It will also involve doing things which I know to keep me calm and sane!

This is a yes and a no. I'm still a stress head. But I'm trying not to be. I have taken a lot on this year, but I haven't gone too overboard and I think overall I've managed okay. As for doing things which keep me calm and sane, well that has gone pretty well. I blog when I can, go for walks/jogs when I need air and have my monthly mummy dinners out, as well as joining in with Old Ducks when I can make it. I think I'm doing enough for "me time".

2. Learn to say "no" sometimes. This will assist with point 1 above.

I have done this a couple of times this year. We stopped the ballet lessons when things got too much. When MissyMoo3 got mobile, I stopped volunteering at MissyMoo1's school as I couldn't give the kindy kids the attention they needed with two little ones to watch. There have also been little things here and there which I have said no to, which have kept our sanity.

3. Enjoy my family. Watch them, engage with them, play with them, show them how much I love them.

I have done this, but I think I can do it more. Sometimes it's hard to see the kids for the housework...

4. Spend less time on the Internet. This means only once or twice per day and putting the iPhone down! Maybe also an Internet-free day once a month or so. This will assist with point 3 above.

Yes and no. I was doing really well at the start of the year, but then I got my own smartphone and went a little crazy. Now I'm over having it as an appendage and I think I'm striking a decent balance.

5. Listen to music a bit each day (not the nursery rhyme variety).

I haven't done this. I'd forgotten about this resolution. I might have to do this next year.

6. Smile.

I've done a lot of smiling this year. But I've also done a fair bit of grouching. I can do more of this next year (the smiling, not the grouching) :-)

In addition to my personal resolutions, during 2012 I also set some goals for my blog. Let's revisit those, shall we?

1. 20,000 pageviews by the end of 2012. I've nailed this one. The goal was reached in November. Now the blog's all-time pageviews have surged past 25,000 - happy dance!

2. 120 Facebook fans by the end of 2012. At current count, there are 159 real people who are fans and another 55 pages, bringing the total to 214.

3. To have an ad placement in 2012. I have had one - only one, at the end of October/early November, but goal achieved!

4. Not to host any more themes. This was an easy one to tick!

Do you make resolutions or goals? How did you go this year?


  1. I don't make too many resolutions because it's just depressing when I go back to my human ways.


    1. I just try not to set the bar too high!

  2. I think if nothing else you deserve kudos for re-visiting your resolutions! By February I tend to pretend I never made resolutions to begin with, but your method sounds more effective.

    1. Thanks Sarah, I think next year I might have to look at them at some point during the year so I don't forget what they are!

  3. Yes, good on you for revisiting your resolutions. This year (2013) is the first time I've written mine down on my blog so next year I can revisit them. Congrats on the fantastic blog results and you now have another twitter & facebook fan :).


    1. Thanks Eva, much appreciated. You've got yourself a new fan too :-)

  4. Well done with the resolutions, I think you've done beautifully! Sending you positive vibes for a similarly successful 2013!

  5. High five for ticking off your blog resolutions! I think I should set myself some for next year. I hope your 2103 is equally as successful!

  6. You have done well! Bloggy goals were far surpassed, congrats!

  7. Well done on your resolutions! Rachel xx

  8. Great job on those goals, plenty more ticks than crosses, well done!

  9. I need to listen to more music too. I forget how much I loved it.
    And I guess we can ll mile a little more too.
    Well one on the bloggy goals!

    1. Thanks Grace. And thanks for all your work on FYBF and FBLS. Many of those goals would have been harder to achieve had it not been for the support of the blogging community xx

  10. Learning to say no is a big one for me too. I wish you all the best in achieving them in 2013. Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday :-)


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