14 December 2012

Advent calendar: day 14

Being a Friday, I thought it would be a good night to stay out late to look at Christmas lights. It gets dark so late (I've said this before, but Christmas lights must be yet another northern hemisphere Christmas import  which is a little less practical for those of us south of the equator), so I planned this activity for a Friday night.

The MissyMoos were happy this morning when they found out they'd be looking at lights tonight. After a big evening of Little Athletics and dinner out with friends, it was finally dark enough to go driving around our area. There's a street close by which gets right into it every year, and it was no less spectacular this year. We  played Christmas music in the car as all three MissyMoos oohed and aahed at the beautiful lights displays.

And they were quick to get to sleep once they went to bed too. Win!


  1. Now, that's a great Christmas activity! I'm not usually big on Christmas but for some reason, this year I want to take a drive around to look at the lights. Glad to hear your family enjoyed it.

  2. It does get dark rather late here! Glad it all went smoothly and that it was as magical as you planned.

  3. Hey there! Visiting from Flash Blog Friday today and love your Advent calendar idea! I'm always looking for new ways to commemorate the holiday. Love this!

  4. I just love Christmas lights! What a great idea!

    1. Some people have some amazing displays :-)

  5. I love this idea. Much better than stuffing kids with sweets!


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