02 December 2012

Bursting into Christmas!

Friday afternoon was it!

We have a crazy busy weekend of socialising, so Friday afternoon between Hubby coming home from work and all of us going out to Little Athletics was our small window of opportunity to welcome the Christmas season to our home.

The MissyMoos enjoyed putting up the tree with me. MissyMoo1 (6) and MissyMoo2 (3) decorated the tree all by themselves, with my help only to put the angel on top. You can see where MissyMoo1's reach ends - there's about 10cm to the top of the tree sans tinsel!

MissyMoo3 (14 months) got into the spirit of it all.

(Yes, I opened the pack of nappies)

Our Advent Calendar went up - 24 cups pegged to a long string of curly red ribbon suspended along a ceiling beam.

The Nativity Scene has new, less breakable (hopefully) inhabitants - purchased from Aldi when I was caught up in pent-up Christmas excitement at the supermarket a few weeks ago, but was still attempting to keep a lid on it.

Last year's figurines didn't break, but I was a bit of a stress head about the distinct possibility of that occurring. This year, MissyMoo1 has already picked up baby Jesus, commented on how cute he is and returned him to the stable without incident.

There's tinsel everywhere and a spot for all the Christmas cards MissyMoo1 has written to each of us (she's ahead of me - I haven't finished writing ours yet...). All I need to do is put the wreath up on the door and we're done!



  1. Ohh forgot about those nappies. Must get into those :D

  2. Love those nappies! And those legs!

    Glad that the entire family is getting into the Christmas spirit!

    1. Aren't they cute, pudgy little legs!


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