08 December 2012

Costume party - HELP!

Oh dear.

I have looked at the calendar and realised that my work Christmas party with a superhero costume theme is ONE WEEK AWAY. I have had a casual look at websites from which to purchase costumes but did not venture so far as to click on "add to cart".

I'm hardly a regular costumer. I can recall only two costume parties in adulthood. The first one was awesome. I went as Catwoman and Hubby as Zorro. He hired his costume and I just put mine together from bits and pieces.

The second party was a Movember party at Luna Park back when Hubby and I were childless Sydneysiders. It was a 70s theme and was easy to get away with wearing flares borrowed from Nonna (yes, original 70s) and Hubby's seedy mo only needed a tight t-shirt to set it off.

So, here we are. I want to dress in costume. I like the idea of costume parties. In my limited experience, it's a real ice-breaker and conversation starter well before the effects of alcohol have kicked in. I'll probably scrape something together through the week, but any suggestions from you lovely readers would be enormously appreciated!


  1. Bring the catwoman costume out of retirement...she was a superhero (& a librarian!). Or hire the costume. I have done this for the last few events which required costumes. Costume parties are great fun & even more so if you don't have to make the costume!

    Most importantly have fun!!

  2. I have an amazing dress up outfit! Think belly dancing/I dream of genie!!!
    And Mr O can borrow Mr B's Sultan costume to match!!!

  3. www.costumebox.com.au is brilliant. I got a fab batgirl costume from there years ago.


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