06 December 2012

Reindeer food

The Missy Moos had to make reindeer food for their day 6 Advent activity. Why? Well, as I've mentioned, B and I are now coordinating our playgroup. This week is our final session which means it will be our Christmas party. And you can't have a playgroup Christmas party without giving out reindeer food for Christmas Eve. You can't. Because reindeer food is awesome.

What is reindeer food?
It's rolled oats mixed with glitter.

Why make reindeer food?
The idea is that  you put the reindeer food out on the front lawn or driveway of your home on Christmas Eve. The glitter shimmers in the moonlight, which helps the reindeer find your home. Then they can eat the oats while Santa is inside unloading presents. This will be the third Christmas that MissyMoo1 (6) and MissyMoo2 (3) have done this and they love it. MissyMoo3 (14 months) might be able to get in on the action this year too!

How do you make it?
I thought you'd never ask.

Here goes:

You need oats, resealable bags and glitter. 

You also need Christmas cards. I cut around the front part of Christmas cards with zigzag scissors. (I got a blister on my thumb from using the child-size scissors, but it was worth it - even when my bowling ball rubbed on it at Hubby's work ten pin bowling Christmas party. I have a craft injury!)

A little poem is also printed out (about 6 to an A4 sheet) and then cut to size.

Glue the poem to the back of the card. Then staple the card to the top of the resealable bag.

MissyMoo1 and MissyMoo2 each got a take-away container and mixed some oats and glitter together in it. I put the glitter into little jars first to try to minimise the mess. The MissyMoos had a great time pouring and mixing. It wasn't too messy actually, as they were very careful. Anyway, who doesn't need a bit of sparkle on the kitchen floor from time to time?!

The finished product.

All the finished products in a box ready for the kiddies.

*Disclaimer: This is not my idea. This is something I've seen done over the past few years, and have now done myself for the first time.


  1. How gorgeous! I might have to give that one a go myself!

  2. The Big Sister makes reindeer food at day care every year. In the past few years we've laid a couple of planks of wood on the grass a couple days before Christmas Eve - just long enough to make the grass a little bit yellow. We tell the girls it's the skid marks from Santa's sleigh!

  3. What a cute idea! Never heard of reindeer food before!

  4. Sweet idea and a lovely tradition to start with the kids :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. We always put a carrot on the back steps for the reindeer. This sounds much prettier!

    1. It's fun because the girls go out to the front yard on the afternoon of Christmas Eve and throw it out on the lawn. It's beautiful watching them.

  6. It's a great idea, one of the boys received some last year from their class teacher. We sprinkled it out the back along with carrots. Then during the night I hack up all the carrots, and try to sweep away some oats to make a real 'scene'.

  7. Miss 5's teacher sent a pack of reindeer food home with each student today as an end of year present. It's such a lovely, easy and affordable idea that means the world to kids! Your version of it looks terrific.

  8. I love this idea - I'd heard people talk about it before but no one had said how you actually use it!! At 3 1/2 I think my son is probably perfect to start doing this, thank you for sharing :)

  9. Very sweet. I don't know if I'd do the card and poem (time poor) but oats and glitter are awesome, merry!

  10. Rolled oats and glitter! How gorgeous!


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