23 December 2012

The tooth fairy visits again

A few weeks ago, the tooth fairy made her second visit to our home.

MissyMoo1 (6) had been wobbling her tooth for a few days beforehand and it was barely hanging on, but she was growing despondent as it just would not come out and she couldn't bring herself to yank it out. Cue the post Little Athletics sausage sizzle: upon biting into her sanga, the sausage went in her mouth and the tooth came out!

MissyMoo1 had already decorated a little pouch for her tooth in readiness for the tooth fairy's visit:

She also wrote the fairy a note:

And, the tooth fairy wrote back!

Needless to say, she was one excited little girl when she woke up in the morning :-)


  1. That is so beautiful Francesca! I bet she was thrilled. My girls leave their teeth in a glass of water and the tooth fairy who visits us always changes the water to a magical colour. They get very excited! I love the fact that there are so many different ways the fairy can interact with different families :) Have a lovely Christmas!

    1. That's a beautiful idea, Lara :-) Merry Christmas to you & your family too!

  2. Aww how cute - my poor daughter was lucky to get money on the right night - obviously you get what you give to your TF - that little pouch is exquisite.


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