28 January 2013

A few funnies from our week

This past week has had quite a few bits and pieces in it. I may write a couple of future blog posts inspired by some of these but in case I don't get to it, I'll put together a list.


  • MissyMoo1 (6) lost a top front tooth. She's very proud of her big gap now.
  • I discovered that MissyMoo3 (16 months) is cutting two molars up top, which are partly through. That's five teeth in about three weeks. She's doing pretty well, considering.
  • MissyMoo3 had her first day ever at day care.
Kidspeak Gems
  • MissyMoo1 to me: "I'm going to tickle you to death."
  • MissyMoo2 (3): "I'm going to play snakes and ladders by myself, then I'll get to have lots of turns."
Out of the blue
  • Hubby discovered a little frog in our bedroom the other night. True story. Catching it was fun. Gotta love summer :-)
  • We had to cancel our day after Australia day picnic at the park with friends because of rain :-(
  • MissyMoo3 managed to take off her nappy without being noticed. We put her in the car without realising and it wasn't until we arrived back home that I felt her wet dress ... then wet carseat ... then bare bum. Once we got inside we saw the nappy in the middle of the lounge room floor. (Should I have put this in the milestones section?)


  1. I think Miss L has the right idea - it's true that if you play by yourself, you get lots of turns! I'm adding that to my list of "reasons why it's okay to be on your own if your friends don't want to play with you" list. It's a very important list for mums to have... x

  2. Oh dear to the nappy. Be thankful it was just a wee, hehe!

  3. Ha Ha to the nappy story! I have told my lot and they just giggled their heads off!

    1. I'll bet they did, cheeky Baynhams. It was lovely seeing you today xx


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