03 January 2013

Francesca Writes Here

Happy New Year! Yes, I know it's already the third day of the year, but I've had two blogless days prior to today - one relaxing and one working. So here we are, back online and I'm doing my first blog post for the year about blogging :-)

As you might know, I have another blog for writing in Italian, Una Francesca Australiana.

In an attempt to simplify and streamline my bloggy experiences, I have decided to discontinue posting on that blog. I will, instead, write any Italian language posts here - after all Francesca writes here ;-) This blog is my personal blog all about me and my experiences, and attempting to improve my written Italian is part of what I do, so it makes sense to put it all in one place.

How does this affect readers of this blog? It doesn't really - except that you might see the occasional post you don't understand (or do, if you're into reading in Italian). There will also be a few Italian words in my "Topics" list, correlating with topics in the Italian language blog posts. For completeness, I will slowly copy over the posts from Una Francesca Australiana (there aren't that many). All the Italian language posts will also be tagged "scritto in italiano" for easy reference.

Cheers, here's to a blogriffic 2013 :-)

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