24 January 2013

Holiday fun and cherished thoughts

January has been a bit of blur - a twilight zone of holiday socialising peppered with a few work days to keep my feet on the ground.

We've had pool parties at friends' houses, play-dates at the park, visits with cousins and simple backyard fun.

I knew it already, but these past few weeks have helped me realise even more how happy I am with our life here, with our family and our friends.

I smile until my cheeks hurt when I think about how wonderful it is that a group of kids aged between 15 months and 15 years can all have fun together while their parents catch up and laugh until their sides hurt. I feel blessed in the knowledge that my parents are also my friends, that we enjoy each other's company and choose to spend time together, that after a few painful years, there are twinkles in all our eyes once more. My heart wants to sing at recalling a recent conversation between two six-year-old friends who want to be part of each other's families, who are "sort of cousins, because your mum is my sister's Godmother."




  1. Gorgeous, happy post. I'm so glad you're feeling so happy. We've had a rough few years too and I'm feeling like finally things are starting to feel better - as though we're heading in the right direction (Now I have that song on the brain....)

  2. It does us good to reflect on the positives in our lives and makes us feel even better and happier. Too often we get stuck in a rut and can only see the negatives, I hope this happy streak continues for you!
    Lots of smiles - Lou @ The Honesty Path

  3. Beautiful times Francesca! Cherish those moments. xx

  4. Sounds wonderful! And definitely something to be thankful for.

  5. So nice that you've had a great start to the year. The outdoor play cubby made me smile. So much like ours. It's so nice to hear children's simple observations. Precious.

  6. Our family believe that cousins are a great gift & you can never have too many.....
    Great start to the year..let the positive vibes continue to flow!

  7. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for linking up! Sounds like you have had some lovely fun of late, good for you! xx

  8. It's wonderful to live in such a nice place where the kids can play together while the parents hang out :)

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up with my NO RULES Party!!



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