31 January 2013

I have a Goddaughter

A couple of weeks ago we took the white bus for its first road trip to visit Gran and Soot. It's great going up to visit. The MissyMoos do a lot of outdoors stuff as well as getting heaps of cousin time, as Aunty J lives only 5 minutes away.

This visit was no different with a birthday party and a baptism planned - two out of three cousins had "occasions" on the weekend. The 5th birthday party was held at a play centre on the Saturday. It was fun-filled and exciting, and it was lovely watching the kids all playing together.

You might remember the baby I was thankful for late last year? It was her baptism on the Sunday. Even more exciting was that Aunty J asked Hubby and I to be her Godparents. We've never been Godparents before, so we were honoured to be asked and to have a special part in our niece's life.

She's the family baby born after our own babies, the little one we will cherish who will always have a special place in our hearts for the special part we've committed to play in her life. The gift we bought for her (before we knew we were being asked to be Godparents!) says it all:

You are Special
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  1. How beautiful Francesca! Enjoy being a "fairy" god mother! :D

  2. Oh being a God parent is amazing. Congrats!

  3. Nawww sweet. Ok I'm feeling really old here but my goddaughter is now married with a little one of her own!

  4. Thats such a lovely honour! Im sure you will be fab! Thanks so much for linking up today xxx

  5. Congratulations on being an Auntie AND a Godmother! How special and what an honour :-) I love the book you bought as a gift. I'm sure she will always treasure it!

  6. Congrats on being a godparent, there's only 1 or 2 people in the entire world I would chose for that important role! Emily

  7. Sounds like she's very lucky to have special Godparents too. Congratulations - it is certainly an important honour.

  8. I bought my nephew that book when he was born! Such a good one.

    Congrats on being Godparents!

  9. Congratulations! Gorgeous gift! Being a Godparent is a wonderful honour, my God Son is 16 this year!


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