17 January 2013

Limbo land

I'm feeling a bit all over the place at the moment.

It's holidays, but it's not. School is out, Hubby has just started two weeks' annual leave, but I still worked this week. We don't really have a routine at the moment, which is wonderful, except that I kind of need to at least part of the time to make sure things run smoothly around my work days.
I have one foot in the door of 2013 and one foot still cruising. It's nice in a way - having a bit of a holiday in everyday life - but it is also slightly unsettling.

Maybe that's just the way holidays are with three kids. I mean, it's never truly a "holiday" for the parents, is it? You still have to do everything, just perhaps more slowly or with less rigour.

Even though the lack of routine is making me feel a little spaced out, I'm enjoying the family time and I'm looking forward to another week of it ahead :-)


  1. I agree...it is strange.
    I do well with routine and so while I do appreciate the slow and easy days of holidays, I struggle when I need to be on a routine but Daddy R and Toddler C are still on holidays.

  2. Yes, there is definitely no such thing as a holiday when you're parents. Not completely. But I'm loving the lack of time frames and not having to be out the door at 8.45am. Not for much longer though, and that makes me sad!

  3. LOL It's also the feeling of school holidays with kids when Christmas is over & it's almost time for school to go back. I like the routine of school terms but I also like the ability to vege. Wish there was a comfortable halfway point. ;)

  4. Yes enjoy it because it will not last!


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