10 February 2013

My week in bullet points

In keeping with my latest theme from the past two weeks, here is my week in bullet points.

A word of warning: we start the week off talking about poo (a mother's prerogative).

  • MissyMoo3 (16 months) did a poo on the potty not once, but twice this week! We're not toilet training her, but she usually tells us when she has done one or when she is about to do one (a cute little voice saying "poo"). So I dusted off the potty and brought it back out into use. She looks chuffed when she sits on it and even gave us a result a couple of times. I'm happy to take any nappies that don't need to be changed!
  • This week I've noticed how much of a spongeMissyMoo2 (3) is with learning. She's always been a good talker, but this week three things about her just blew me away:
    • She asked me to read a child's book in Italian a few words at a time so she could repeat the words. She repeated the sounds really well - sounded like a little Italian!
    • She knows most of the words to most songs playing on the radio at the moment. As soon as the radio goes on in the car, she just starts singing.
    • She counted to 27 the other day at the supermarket without missing any numbers. She had said she wanted to count the steps from the library to the supermarket as we walked down them. To my astonishment, she didn't miss a beat!
  • We ran out of bread Friday morning - an example of how working Thursdays is still throwing me a bit on the home front. It will take some getting used to.
  • MissyMoo3 (16 months) didn't even make it to her room at day care before the tears started this week - it all began at the front door. She ate this week though, that's an improvement!
  • Hubby and I have stuck with our decision, although we might be stretching the timing on it a bit, so you might be reading blog posts on this later rather than sooner (how do you like the suspense?).
  • My blog reached 30,000 pageviews!
  • I did my first product review on the blog.


  1. Brava Francesca, quanta attività!
    Mi fa sorridere leggere dei progressi delle tue bambine.


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