07 March 2013

Bubble fun

My dad recently gave me his "old" digital SLR camera. The sun finally came out on Sunday so we had some much-needed backyard time.

I'm thankful for simple bubble fun, even if 5 minutes later we were back inside because MissyMoo2 (3) fell flat on her face on some concrete...

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  1. Bubbles ARE fun! Even Miss 16 still likes to play with them!

  2. Kids and bubbles are the best!!!! Ollie loves chasing them. So glad you got to enjoy outside, sorry your little one smacked her face though! xx

    1. I really should have expected it - never a dull moment!

  3. Bubbles are the best, love the pictures.

  4. I love bubbles too. This was an activity I used to regularly with my kids when they were little :-)


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