12 March 2013

Gli Arancini di Montalbano - Andrea Camilleri (English)

I've just finished reading Gli Arancini di Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri.

I don't understand every word, but I understand most of them, so I didn't have a problem understanding the stories. The stories are interesting - each mystery also has a bit of humour, with easily likeable characters.

Thanks to the language, the stories written by Andrea Camilleri aren't just well-written mysteries. They have something more, especially for me. When I read these stories written in Sicilian, I hear in my mind how the Sicilians speak and I remember how my grandparents spoke. Not only just the words of the dialect which the author chooses to use, but the stories also demonstrate the way of speaking which is truly Sicilian.

The following examples appear as Sicilian / Italian / English:
  • Lu sceccu m'avia ruttu lu bùmmulu / L'asino ha rotto la mia anfora / The donkey broke my amphora
  • Cu é? / Chi é? / Who's there?
  • Trasisse / Entrate / Come in
  • Stasìra feci tanticchia di pasta cu i bròcculi / Stasera faccio un po' di pasta coi broccoli / This evening I'm making a bit of pasta with broccoli
If you're interested in reading the stories, they have been translated into English. There is also a television series of the Inspector Montalbano stories - I think it's up to about series 5 now.

Book: Paperback. I own this. Purchased from a bookshop.
Rating: I've given it 4 stars on Goodreads.
One-liner: This book is written in Sicilian dialect by Andrea Camilleri. Love it :-)


  1. impressive that you can read in another language! i'd love to be able to learn italian. -Aroha #teamIBOT

    1. I love it - it's hard work and slow going sometimes, but a beautiful language :-)

  2. The donkey broke my amphora?
    I have no idea what an amphora is, but I wish I could use that in a sentence! :)

    1. It's like a bit vase, vat, urn thingy that narrows at the top with handles...

  3. Ah Francesca... I'm in love with Montalbano (don't worry, my husband know it and accept it!) I have not read the books but I have watch the whole series (5 series with 4 movies in each series) We have them at home. I'm also in love with the beautiful Sicily. We went there in 2010 but had not the chance to go where the series was filmed. We hope to go there in the future.

    1. Luca Zingaretti is pretty easy on the eye! I own all 5 series on dvd but haven't managed to watch the 5th yet. Isn't Sicily lovely?! My parents have a photo of themselves in front of Montalbano's house last time they went over - so jealous!


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