16 March 2013

The not-so-mysterious disappearance of two front teeth

MissyMoo1 (6) recently lost her fourth baby tooth - the second top middle one.

Here's the before photo:

And here's the after:

It fell out in "maths class" on Wednesday. It sounds even funnier when she says it. We also get her to say "sausage sizzle" a lot. It's hilarious. Now she plays up to it, even saying phrases from the book pictured above, like "Sister Suzie sitting on a thistle"!

You may remember MissyMoo1's tooth fairy, Miranda. MissyMoo1 took the opportunity to write her another note ...

... and of course, the lovely Miranda fairy responded:

MissyMoo1 was thrilled and took her note to school for news the next day :-)


  1. I love kids' gappy mouths! My daughter has just turned 7 and has already lost eight teeth - the same as her 9 year old brother! I love the way losing their teeth changes their appearance for a few months and each arrangement of teeth is quite unique as the new one grows. Miranda sounds like a fab tooth fairy. Ours is nowhere near that good!

    1. Wow, eight teeth!

      Yes, Miss E is six and has lost 4 - one of her friends is six months older and hasn't lost any yet. I'm already having to explain to Miss E that different kids grow at different times but in the end everyone catches up.

      Miranda is fab. Later on the question will be whether she's a family fairy or whether each Missy Moo will get her own!


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