06 April 2013

Glamour and guilt

Thanks for all the lovely bloggy, twitty and facebooky messages about mine and Hubby's wedding anniversary - there's a lot of love on these internets :-)

Hubby and I managed to get away for a dinner for two last night at a local restaurant - one that isn't of the "family friendly" variety and has therefore not been frequented by us for a number of years. We had a lovely night out. In getting ready, I didn't have any dress or hair issues (you know the ones which inevitably surface when you're trying to look your best and threaten to darken the mood) and our departure from the house was hassle-free. The food wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't too bad. The atmosphere and the company were faultless :-)

It felt a little glamourous: dressing up, uninterrupted conversation of our choosing, a glass of wine (or two!).


A few days before our night out, we received an email notifying us that MissyMoo1's (6) Little Athletics presentation night would be on the Friday night. THE Friday night of our planned anniversary dinner. By that stage, dinner had been booked, Nonna and Par had agreed to come over to look after the MissyMoos for us - everything was set. So, thinking MissyMoo1 wouldn't know or care, we did what any parent with an interest in self-preservation would do: we didn't tell her about it. We didn't tell her about it and we decided to carry on with our plan of going out for dinner, just the two of us.

This might sound selfish. But when you consider that the last time Hubby and I were able to socialise alone together was at our work Christmas functions (not the most comfortable or intimate of surroundings), the idea of sitting on soggy grass, chasing a bored one-year-old and three-year-old whilst waiting for the six-year-old to be given a participation medal, was less attractive to me than an evening out with my husband.

During an incidental conversation on Friday morning, B offered to take MissyMoo1 along to the presentation night, as she was going anyway with her kids. I never would have thought to ask her, as it didn't occur to me that MissyMoo1 would care too much about it. But with the offer made, we sent MissyMoo1 off with her "almost cousins" (as she calls them). Aren't I glad we did?! Not only did she get the participation medal, but she also got a certificate for 10 PBs in the season and a trophy with her name on it for "Most Improved". Also, her "almost cousin" got age champion! B took photos and emailed them to me :-)

So my glamour was tinged with some guilt. But it was nothing compared to the guilt I would have felt if MissyMoo1 hadn't gone and we'd later found out that she would have received a trophy. Thanks B. Wonder Woman at it again!


  1. Don't feel bad. There'll be plenty of sports Presentations for you to attend in the future. So many. Glad to hear that you had a lovely evening. Could you send a little glamour my way.

    1. Thanks. I know, we have years of this ahead of us. Glamour is relative - when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, glamour was water in a wine glass at home ;-)

  2. A night out at a nice restaurant sounds heavenly. Good on Miss E, glad she got to go and receive her awards :)

    1. It's amazing how we used to take things like that for granted before we had kids and now it's such a special thing.

      I'm glad Miss E could go too - she was so happy about it :-)

  3. It's hard not to feel guilty, but I would have done the same thing!


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