07 April 2013

My week in bullet points

Here is my weekly summary of what we've been up to. For those of you who haven't seen this series of posts from me before, it's a way of helping me keep up with milestones, what we've been up to as a family and general bits and pieces, and is particularly for those weeks that fly by without me having a chance to post much on the blog. It can also serve as a reminder to me to write a longer post on one of the bullet points here and there down the track when time permits.

I seem to say this every week, but the past week has been a busy one.
  • We celebrated Hubby's birthday and our wedding anniversary and even managed dinner together to celebrate. We got married on Hubby's birthday all those years ago - clever fellow, he always remembers our anniversary!
  • We said goodbye to Zio N from his visit. He and Par came and met me for lunch in my lunch break at work the day before his drive home. It was great to see him so much after such a long time. I love it how so many "essential" things in life can be pushed around to make room for visitors. But now, it's back to reality.
  • Uncle J came by after work one evening and took us all out for dinner at one of our local clubs, for Hubby's birthday.
  • I'm getting some good feedback on my book in dribs and drabs. I'm about halfway through my detailed edit of the manuscript, which I have been doing since sending the first draft off to a few people for their input. I'm nervous, but excited about our next book club meeting in a couple of weeks.
Hope you've had a good week :-)

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  1. How exciting about your book! :)Love the belly button comment, so cute. Have a great week! Mez xx


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