21 April 2013

My Week in Bullet Points

Here is my weekly summary of what we've been up to.

For those of you who haven't seen this series of posts from me before, it's a way of helping me keep up with milestones, what we've been up to as a family and general bits and pieces, and is particularly useful for those weeks that fly by without me having a chance to post much on the blog. It can also serve as a reminder to me to write a longer post on one of the bullet points here and there down the track when time permits.

  • This week started badly, with some health issues for the little ones.

  • The same day, our computer stopped working, froze, died. However you describe it, we couldn't use it any more. Thankfully, I was able to copy over the last of the non-backed-up photos and documents to the external hard-drive while the computer was on in safe mode. If I can give any advice to any of you, it's BACK UP YOUR WORK EVERY TIME!

  • Hubby was home with the girls for the week, but I was still at work. I went into the office on Thursday, as I couldn't work from home due to the computer situation. (If Hubby hadn't been home or if it hadn't been school holidays, I probably would have needed to take the day off, but it worked out this way)

  • Thursday night was the much-anticipated Old Ducks Book Club meeting!!! This event really deserves its own blog post. I'll try to get to that this week :-)

  • We got a new computer and Hubby set it up while I was out at book club. We're back online and now I feel like I have all my limbs again.

  • We did some school holiday out- and-about type stuff, even in the pouring rain. We're awesome like that.

  • I finished my read-through and edit of my book and have started the synopsis. This girl is on fire!

Although it was a crappy start to the week, all's well that ends well. Let's hope the second week of school holidays has less drama and more excitement!

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