12 April 2013

So much to see

Last night, after putting the kids to bed, a mild panic came over me when I realised that the next day would be Friday - playgroup day - and we had not given any thought to craft.

As I've said before, for me craft is the difficult thing about coordinating playgroup. I'm not a natural crafter, so to get anything vaguely interesting and age-appropriate can be a challenge. Before allowing panic to set in last night, I decided to be blazĂ© about it - it was the last day of term after all, the kids could just colour in if they were desperate to do something crafty.

This morning B sent a me a text with a craft idea. Phew!

We made binoculars:

Not only did we make binoculars; the children used them.

After craft (and a cuppa for the mums), the kidlets went for a walk. Our playgroup is set on expansive grounds, with open grassy areas as well as big gum trees. The kids used their binoculars to look at their surroundings in a new way. MissyMoo2 (3) told me she saw a kookaburra and five butterflies.

Even after we got home, she wore her binoculars around her neck for most of the afternoon :-)


  1. Great, and so easy with just toilet rolls! We might make some tomorrow!! :D

    1. Super dooper easy, Alicia - even I could manage it! On the other side, Miss L decorated hers with a picture - I didn't photograph it for the blog because I wrote her name on it and that's a secret ;-)

  2. OH great idea. (Even if I did think it was a stick of dynamite at first glace. Oops!)

  3. That is such a great idea!
    I am totally going to borrow this one...I think Toddler C would love it!

    1. Go for it, he'll have a great time :-)


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