05 May 2013

Shifting up a Gear - Back to Routine

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven't done a "My Week in Bullet Points" post for a while. The truth is, I couldn't be bothered. I know, couldn't be bothered to write a list, how sad...

We've had school holidays and now the first week back at school is complete. During the holidays, Hubby took the two weeks off and did some fun stuff with the MissyMoos. I still worked on my work days but on the days I was off work, I was in a kind of hybrid holiday mode, doing day trips and holiday things with the family, but not completely relaxing.

The holidays felt different in a good way - no morning school routine, less rushing around - but they also left me feeling a bit spaced out. I let myself relax a little, but the result was murky: I let things go around the place but didn't feel rested.

After a few days this week, I finally shifted up a gear. I finally got back into the swing of things. I finally started feeling I was getting back on top of the juggling act. I've realised that I need to either be completely in the throws of work / school / life to be in the right mindset, or completely on a break in order to relax. The in-between stuff is more stressful in a way, because I'm just all over the place.

It was great to have Hubby home from work for two weeks. We did some cool stuff. And on the days I joined in, it did feel like a holiday. Now that MissyMoo3 (19 months) is older, we're trying to do a bit more in the way of outings. We had lots of family fun, and went out in all weather.

We started off at the beach:

A week later, we were out and about in the pouring rain:

There were play dates, a play centre visit, playground fun (notice the play theme?) and a first for all of us: a trip to the museum. MissyMoo1 (6) was impressed with the room that was "full of sciencey stuff".

I love this photo I took at the museum
Now that I've shifted back up a gear, it's time to go and write some lists!

See ya later!

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