02 May 2013

Sitting Higher

MissyMoo3 (19 months) is getting big. No longer a baby, she has all the energy of a 19-month-old coupled with the expectation that she is just as big as her older sisters and can do anything they can do.

Overall, the result is a playful, engaged, comfortable and happy toddler, and for this I am thankful. Being the third child has, I think, made her generally more capable earlier: she pretty much feeds herself, tell us when she's done a poo and plays with her sisters rather than alongside them.

One of the more annoying difficult developments was that a few weeks ago, MissyMoo3 began refusing to sit in her highchair.

She wanted to sit up at the table with everyone else. There's a slight problem with this fixation, though. You see, she thinks she's bigger than she actually is. Not being able to see over the table when sitting on a chair can impair the ability to eat one's dinner. She ended up on my lap half the time - which impaired my ability to eat my dinner.

Something had to be done. Cue the highchair which isn't a high chair. THIS is what I'm thankful for today!

MissyMoo3 thinks she's sitting up just like everyone else, she can actually see her food, and I retain my personal space when I'm eating. Winning!

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  1. These truely are the best invention ever!! My one came from kmart, has done 2 kids and is the best by far as it has a one handed tray release.
    Nothing worse than independance in kids!!

    1. Yes, we have the tray too, although we only use it sometimes. It's great!

      Independence is a double-edged sword, isn't it :-)

  2. I so remember that stage for each of my children... then someone introduced me to the chair stilts! Oh my. :) xx

  3. YAY for being able to eat your meal in your own space - that was a big milestone for us !!!!
    Have the best day !

  4. Getting to that stage with Ollie..... might get one for him! xxx


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