03 June 2013

Francesca's Festa of Favourites - June 2013

Is it June already?!

Yeah, actually, it does feel like June. The first day of winter looked and felt like winter. So here's something to brighten the grey and thaw the spirits: June's...

For anyone who's new to the link-up, here's some background: "Festa" in Italian means a celebration, a party.  

This link-up is a place where you can place links to your favourite posts in a given month, but here's the difference: they don't have to be posts you've written (although they can be). You can link to any post for the month that, for you, has been a must-read, that you're proud of, or that you think is entertaining.

I love being able to use this space to bookmark my favourite blog posts for the month, but more importantly, I love seeing what everyone else likes reading. So feel free to link up as many of your favourite posts as you like during the course of the month.

(Let me know in the comments if you have trouble with the link and I'll try to fix it at my end. As long as you remember to have ".html" at the end of the URL and the URL is no more than 100 characters, it should work.)

Also, as commenced last month, I'm choosing one post from the previous month's linked posts to showcase here.

Francesca's May Festa Favourite is:
 Diary of a SAHM from Essentially Jess.

This lady is something special - she has just written and self-published a book! I've put my money where my mouth is and pre-ordered a copy. I can't wait to read it when it arrives! Check out her blog post and, if you're interested, the book too. Congratulations Jess. I'm incredibly happy and excited for you, and so pleased you've made your dreams come true :-)

Now, let's see what literary delights Francesca's Festa of Favourites can bring us this month :-)


  1. Great idea Francesca! Jess is amazing, good on her for getting her book finished and out there.

    1. Thanks Alicia. Yes, she certainly is :-)

  2. Love this idea and will pop back on the weekend with a couple of links!!

  3. Thank you so much Francesca! I feel so very honoured not only for this post, but that you have actually bought the book. Cannot wait to get to send it to you xx

    1. You're very welcome, Jess. You've achieved so much - you deserve every success. I'm looking forward to reading it :-)

  4. Thanks for hosting again this month, I love popping in here when I am looking for something to read. Jess' book is all kinds of awesome isn't it? Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely


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