02 June 2013

Sparkle and Wit: The Entertainer

Over the past few weeks, I've been looking through my old blog posts.

Some of them remind me of things I would otherwise have forgotten (I love that about blogging). Some of them make me smile and giggle. Some of them are so me. Some of them aren't so much.

In some posts, I've seen the silly, funny me. The me I am when I'm trying not to be somebody else. The me I often lose sight of when the weight of responsibility bears down on me. The me I love to be. It's entertaining. I like it.

I do get a little serious sometimes too - and that's fine. But I think some of my recent writing has lost some of its oomph, its twinkle, its shine, its "me".

So, today I am reintroducing me!

I'm not a journalist. I don't write "articles". I just write whatever - that's the beauty of a personal blog. But rather than going through the motions in writing blog posts, you're hopefully going to see a bit more joy in Francesca's writing on Francesca Writes Here (hmm, referring to myself in the third person, interesting...).
PS MissyMoo1 (6) was just reading over my shoulder. There's a cool milestone: the realisation that my child can read my blog!


  1. Welcome back sparkly Francesca! As you've said, the joy of a personal blog is that you can write whatever you like - witty, sparkly or anything else. I look forward to seeing the direction your writing goes in. I have a back-seat-reader in my house now too. It freaked me out the first time! Luckily she can't quite 'decode' the posts I've written about her yet :)

    1. Thanks, Lara.

      I'm interested to see the direction my writing goes in too - I have no idea!

  2. It is a bit of a scary thought that one day, our kids might be reading. Mental note to curb my use of the F word a bit more... Welcome back!

    1. Haha! Mine reads over my shoulder as I'm typing. It's really off-putting.

  3. I think you are right - when your writing isn't fun anymore then you know that something needs to change.
    Have the best week !

  4. I think the more you are 'you' the better your blog is!! And it's great, so keep going xxxxx


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