04 July 2013

Thankful Thursday: Holidays at Home

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This week, I haven't had to search far to find my thankful. In fact, I've had to cull a bit so I don't end up with an epic-length post which uses all my blog fodder at once!

Firstly, I just want to say how thankful I am to you lovely linkers - there were nine, yes nine of you last week. Just amazing! Thanks so much for adding your pieces of positivity to the blogosphere. Tell your friends so we can keep making this bigger and better!

My non-blog-life thankful begins with the fact that I am in the midst of a week's annual leave. Ah yes, it's my first block of leave from work all year and I am really appreciating it - particularly as it's also the first week of the winter school holidays and I can spend some quality time with my MissyMoos. I deliberately did not book in any play-dates or set activities for the week. I did not want to replace the school routine with a different kind of busy. Instead, we've been spending time together, doing bits and pieces, having plenty of down time and just hanging out.

The weather for the week didn't start off too well, so my ideas of backyard fun and playground visits were put on hold. Instead, we resorted to this:

Thankfully, before the entire house was completely consumed by craft bits, the sun came out and we could enjoy the great outdoors.

After a morning of trampoline jumping and fairy garden building (and winter sun soaking for mum), I took MissyMoo3 (21 months) inside for some cuddles (one perk of having a teething little one) while her big sisters (6 & 4) carried on playing. I love being able to leave the bigger MissyMoos to their own devices with play and seeing what they come up with. This time they found some snails and built snail gardens for them:

I just love free time and free play - probably more so because we don't get all that much of it in everyday life. It's so good to be able to take a step back from crazy-busy life - even if it's only for a week - to recharge the batteries, physical and mental.

 What are you thankful for?

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  1. It sounds like your week off work is turning out really well for you !!! A bit of craft, a bit of outside play and some down time.
    Enjoy what is left of the week and thank you for hosting such a great linky !!!
    Have the best week e.v.e.r

    1. Oh it's great. I said to Hubby last night that probably the reason I haven't taken holidays in so long is that it makes me want to go back to being a SAHM! I'm sure the novelty would wear off pretty quickly though!

  2. I'm thankful for the holidays too. No rushing, and just time to enjoy.

  3. To be quite honest, I reckon staying at home and playing in the yard, doing crafty type stuff is the best thing. For most of this week I had booked in play dates and museum visits, but today it will be the same as you...good old at home play (I'm hoping the sun stays out though, I'm quite over the rain and muddy wet yard). I am looking forward to little E being a tad bit older though when he can sit down and play for a bit longer than 5 minutes, one of the challenges of activities at home is coming up with enough ideas to keep him interested! Hmm...maybe another blog post idea?

    Eva x

    1. We've had one big day out this week and the rest has been easy-going. It's much easier when the weather's good though. That definitely sounds like a good blog post idea. I have one in the pipeline which I'm working on today ☺

  4. oh man, how thankful were we all that the rain stopped!! Sydney was endless, relentless rain for days!!

    I do love quiet days with no plans. Playing in the garden and just spending time together. I forget how special those times are.

    1. It's so nice to see the sun again. Good times ☺


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