06 July 2013

The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini

This was the Old Ducks' bookclub book for June.

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I must admit, I approached reading this book with trepidation. A book set in Afghanistan could only contain heartbreak, right?

My sense of foreboding was only heightened by the hints which were dropped in the early chapters, juxtaposed against the picture of contentment and richness painted of a privileged childhood in pre-wartorn Afghanistan.

When the first event of brutality and horror occurred, I wasn't sure if I would want to keep on reading - I didn't like it. But I carried on. And I am glad I did. Hosseini created worlds with his words, which although having never seen or experienced before (thank goodness), I could picture clearly. The pieces of the puzzle that formed this story fit together so well at the end. It was hardly what you could call a happy ending given the events in the novel, but it was one of healing. Not only was a story told, but one person's perspective which the reader follows all the way through was challenged and flipped on its side.

Reading this book was a journey. I think I got a lot out of it. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it. But I don't think that was the point, really.

Book: Paperback. Borrowed from the town library.
Rating: I've given this 4 stars on Goodreads.
One-liner: Tragic, touching tale.


  1. I saw this book in the bookstore the other day and picked it up wondering if I could read it. Think I might have to now.


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