22 September 2013


Meet Rico.

As the Spring school holidays are upon us, I am reminded of a special job we did last holidays (yes, it has taken me this long to blog about it. Bad blogger!)

Friends of ours went away for a week, so we fish-sat Rico. He was a very easy pet to mind and interesting to look at - especially when tricked by a mirror into believing there was another fighter fish on this turf (or in his waters, I suppose would be a more accurate way to say it).

The MissyMoos were very pleased to be able to help out their adored big friends and they were great at feeding the fish every morning. They were also very vigilant about making sure The Fat Cat didn't sneak into the house ;-) I'm happy to report that Rico was returned home to his family alive and well (phew!)

For weeks afterwards, the MissyMoos were begging for a fish of their own. It would be nice. Maybe one day. But for now, they can content themselves with spending some quality time with the pet they actually have.


  1. I would have breathed a sigh of relief if had been fish-sitting and managed to return it alive and well also !!!
    Have the best week.

  2. Rico the fish lol love that

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