12 September 2013

Thankful for Little Things

The other day, I got home from work and none of the MissyMoos were arguing. Everyone was calm, just doing their thing. Hubby cooked a delicious dinner, everyone ate it (even the fussy one didn't put up too much of a fight) and bathtime went fairly smoothly. The evening routine's success actually meant there was some time for play before bed! Aah...

Francesca Writes Here

I'm thankful for being able to play piggy backs and pretending to be a horsey.
I'm thankful for tummy tickles and raspberries on my neck.
I'm thankful for cuddles and wet, sloppy kisses.
I'm thankful I get to hear "I love you" and "You're the best mum ever" countless times each day.
I'm thankful that I have my voice back and can once again belt out a tune in the car with the best of them!

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